Monday, June 27, 2016

Balls All Around!

As we're getting into the thick of summer now, we felt it was time to get in a family game of mini golf.  We had a Saturday with no real plans--lazy morning, then in the afternoon I shopped at Wegmans, Carter napped, and Craig and Jacob swam--so we decided it was a good evening for it.  Craig and Jacob had already played at a birthday party a few weeks ago, so I guess they had a warm-up before our epic family battle.  How epic was this battle?  Well, we broke into teams, if that's any indication!  Jacob actually picked me, since he felt I was better at mini golf.  Craig has been beating me lately, for the record.  I blame being the family pack mule and being too distracted by wandering kids.  Anyway, it was Jacob and me vs. Craig and Carter.  The latter two took the team thing to a new level with a team uniform...
They were Team Superman and apparently Jacob and I were Team Germany, or something along those lines.  Apparently he's letting his German pride win out at the moment, probably because of EuroCup soccer and Germany's recent international soccer success.
Jacob is definitely getting better at golf as the years go on.  He's lacking some patience with his shots, and I unsuccessfully (for now) tried to teach him how to aim using his putter, but he does pretty well and has ceased the outright cheating that we allowed when he was younger.  Carter, however, has picked the slack right up on that front, as he's in the phase of sweeping the ball and sometimes just picking it right up.  But he did get a couple holes-in-one with minimal interference...which was more than the rest of us!

This is what happens when I try to get a picture of both kids in front of the scenery...sigh.  And yes, Jacob picked out the collared shirt outfit specifically because he thought it made him look like a golfer.

And I felt I should include this one since he was nice enough to really pose for me.  Apparently Carter has decided he's over the paparazzi.

I did get this picture of him pointing to the giraffes and waterfall...but I miss his smile!

The bridge hole is a highlight of this course, although Carter did throw his ball in the water with some (apparently inadvertent) encouragement from Jacob.  Luckily we were able to fish it back out...

While we were playing, we saw a groundhog run across the back area of the course, behind a fence.  Turns out the other entrance to the burrow was in the far corner near a hole, and his buddy was still there.  The irony of groundhogs making their home next to a mini golf course cracked me up!

On one of the last holes, you had to get your ball in a hole up top before it tunneled down to the green below.  Carter's went down the "right" hole and turned into one of his holes-in-one, but when Jacob's ended up in the other hole, it literally disappeared!  I tested it with another ball, and that one disappeared, too!  Craig started firing the remaining balls up the bottom of the tube, and one dislodged.  After a few more attempts and retrieved and lost balls, one more try sent a large rock rolling out, with four balls more than what we had sent in!  Jacob eagerly posed for a picture with them before we turned them in...

Back in the arcade, we let the boys play a couple games.  They both wanted to play this Jurassic Park game with a big screen and a pair of guns to shoot wild dinosaurs.  They both had a blast! 
Big smile on Carter's face, and Jacob's eyes are so wide!
Collectively we won enough tickets to get Jacob three army guys and Carter a hopping set of chattering teeth (they won out over a toy car!), which left them both happy, so that was pretty good for a few bucks' worth of tokens!

Sunday we had Jacob's year-end baseball picnic.  We still have one game left on Tuesday, but with the holiday weekend coming up I guess it made more sense to do it this weekend.  As always, we had a great time at his coach's house with most of his teammates and their families.  We really do have a nice group of kids and parents that we've been with for a few years now, so these picnics have been fun as the kids (players and their siblings!) have grown up.  It was so hot that I honestly didn't have the energy to pull out my camera, but you could probably look back at other years' pictures and see the same stuff.  Jacob playing basketball on the half court, Carter playing on the swing set, and both kids avoiding the pool like the plague (but it was 90!  Ugh!).  Carter was initially afraid to climb the same ladder up to the clubhouse that he surprised me by climbing last year, but with a little encouragement from one of Jacob's teammates, he did it...many times.  And he was rewarded with a fun ride down the slide.  He loved hanging from the rings--that kid can hang from rings and bars really well!  Good thing that area was shady, because we spent a lot of time there!  At one point Carter did consent to going into the pool, but when he remembered that Pool = Wet, he changed his mind.  I still carried him in for a few minutes and he screamed at me the whole time, but by then I needed a cool-off so he had to deal.  He does not like being wet.  He cries when he gets wet at his water table and refuses to go into our pool.  Jacob didn't swim because he's embarrassed that he can't swim yet and doesn't want to be seen with a floatie.  I'm ready to pull the trigger on an order for a progressive swim bubble like many places use for swimming lessons, where you take out layers of foam as they get stronger.  Hopefully that will help him.  If not, swimming lessons may be in both boys' future.

I did pull out the camera to get a shot of the cake, as it's a good aid each year in remembering who was on our team.  The big difference this year is the Blue Jays logo in the middle of the cake, instead of a Red Sox one like the past three years! 
Man, I wish I could write on cakes like that.
After not wanting to play baseball at all this year, Jacob is now talking about fall ball.  A few of his teammates are playing, and he doesn't have anything planned until November when lacrosse restarts, so I guess a a couple games a week in August and September isn't the worst thing in the world.  It limits our weekends a bit, but we deal the rest of the year so I think we could figure it out again.  But first, one last game!

Onward to another week!

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