Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Bit of a Bust

Memorial Day weekend always seems to be the beginning of the summertime "pressure" I feel to do fun things and take advantage of the good weather.  This year has been a bit of an odd one, weather-wise, as the weather stayed cold extra long and any weekends that were decent in temperature either ended up being rainy or too busy.  I just felt like it was too easy to get behind this year because we didn't have that "false alarm" week of warm weather to get us going on transitioning life over to summer.  I couldn't change over my closet or the kids' closets because we needed the long sleeves right up until it was suddenly 65+ degrees every day.  I couldn't really go out and do early season clearing and weeding in the yard because it was always cold and/or rainy, and suddenly it was consistently warm and all of the foliage exploded at the same time.  And because I wasn't out there immediately, I was immediately very behind.  With lots of evenings taken up by Jacob's sports, plus my Corporate Challenge training, plus all of this transitioning of Carter's room, I just felt like evenings were already too crammed and weekends were getting chewed up too fast, so nothing got done when it felt like it should have.  Consequently, I kept putting everything off until Memorial Day weekend, when I would have three whole days (plus a little extra time Friday afternoon) to get it all done.  HA.

To be fair, I did pretty well cutting down my list.  I cleared out a couple piles of stuff that I'd set aside after Carter's room transition.  I completely reorganized his clothes so the summer stuff was more readily available.  I reorganized my shoe storage for the same reason.  I went to Lowe's on Saturday morning to buy mulch, garden soil, and plants for my garden.  I dripped in sweat just doing the buying, thanks to the hot, humid weather, then drenched myself further while putting down mulch, planting my garden, and trying to trim the out-of-control, diseased tree near our patio that was constantly hitting me in the head.  I accomplished a lot, in part because Carter's nap and the outside stuff won out over Jacob's baseball game.  I couldn't fathom letting Carter skip a nap just to sit out in the heat for a baseball game he wasn't going to want to watch, so he slept and I gardened instead.  I hate missing games, but I think that one was for a pretty valid reason.  That evening we went shopping for decor for Carter's room (good browsing, but no buying...yet) and went out to dinner.  Saturday was definitely a full day.

Sunday we went to my aunt and uncle's house here in town for our annual family picnic. Jacob honestly wasn't thrilled about going ("I'll be bored!") but the boys actually played some lacrosse together!  Eventually the rain came and forced us all inside for dinner.  Carter fell asleep sitting up while eating dinner, thanks to skipping his nap, and it wasn't until he woke up a half hour later that we realized he still had a piece of hot dog bun in his mouth!  He must have been really tired!

Monday just ended up being a lazy day.  I wanted to do more, but it just didn't happen.  I was hoping to do something fun with the kids, but there was just some lacrosse outside for Jacob, some puttering around the house for me, and a final family trip to BJ's to stock up on a couple things before we let our membership expire.  Blah.

There wasn't really anything photo-worthy from the weekend, so I felt like I sort of failed us as a family on that front.  Memorial Day weekend is usually the beginning of weeks of activity and a great time to get a head start on the summer bucket list.  But alas, this one was lacking a bit.  I got done the things I had to do to maintain my sanity, but perhaps I should have made some other things higher priorities.  I need to do better, but my energy level and to do list make it hard sometimes.  Not to mention that naptime is usually in the way, and getting a full slate of willing participants in this house is not easy.  But hopefully it will get better.

We started out the week with a couple restless nights of sleep from Carter.  At first we thought it was just gas because he whined in his sleep then woke up having to poop the first night, then kept passing gas in his sleep last night.  But last night when he woke up at 1am to pee, he said to me, "My eyes are wet," and when I looked, his eyes were all gooey.  I put in a couple drops from when he last had pinkeye, just in case, but when he woke up this morning and I finished cleaning them off, I realized his eyes weren't red and they didn't ooze any more.  I still called the doctor and got him in, which was convenient since I was ready to take him in anyway because he's had cold symptoms for weeks.  I started him on allergy medicine last week to see if it would help, but he's still congested.  So am I, for that matter, so it's hard to tell.  But the doctor found a borderline ear infection, so he's on antibiotics for a bit.  I almost started wondering if he could have a sinus infection and maybe it decided to drain through his eyes for some reason.  Or maybe all that outside time last night at Jacob's game put his allergies on alert.  Either way, I'm hoping he gets better soon.  I need sleep!   

Never a dull moment around here...well, except for Memorial Day, I guess...

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