Monday, June 6, 2016

A Little Better?

Well, we had another lackluster-ish weekend.  It was still pretty productive on my end and, to be fair, I didn't go with Craig and Jacob to Jacob's teammate's birthday party, so at least Jacob got to play mini-golf and arcade games.  He came home excited about adding seven more army guys to his collection courtesy of prize tickets, and despite being hesitant about going, he seemed to enjoy himself.  So at least someone had a good time!  Jacob had a lacrosse game Saturday morning, where he scored one goal and contributed to another.  I spent that afternoon doing my most dreaded of household tasks--trimming the bushes.  All fingers stayed intact, and while I was sore yesterday, I survived.  I made a little more progress in Carter's room, hanging a couple of his new decorations and patching and painting a couple spots on the walls.  I still need to make a final decision about the setup of his room, the furniture, and the placement of some of the other new decorations, but we're getting there.

We were going to do something fun Saturday night, but we had to get a gift for yesterday's party and that seemed to pretty much suck the fun out of it after chasing kids around and making two bathroom runs in one trip to Target.  The boys got a little outside time here and there, though.  My next post will be about what I've decided is completely ruining our mojo right now when it comes to weekend plans.  But for now...

Since I don't have many pictures from the weekend, we'll do a bit of a throwback to a couple weeks ago when Carter got to play on the playground at Jacob's lacrosse game.  Man, I wish our home field had a playground, but the road games have been fun. 
He LOVES slides!  Even though he tends to hold on for dear life :)

This was a bigger metal slide and he was pretty excited climbing the stairs by himself...

See, holding on for dear life!  But it was fast and he loved it!
Back in our seats, I tried to take a picture of him, and he was playing peek-a-boo with me instead!

I also wanted to share a couple cute videos from a couple weeks ago when I tried to get him to do a couple of the little story song things he has learned at daycare.  I guess you could title this first one as, "Perils of Recording Near a Television":

But he finally got a different one least one verse of it...

Fast-forward to this weekend, and here is my sweet little man with his lawn mower...

He was such a man on a mission with that thing, and it was cracking me up.  For a while we didn't think the bubbler was working on it so we didn't have bubbles in, but I made it a point this year to give it a shot again, and he's been loving it!

Lately we've definitely been picking up on Carter's annoyance when Jacob and Daddy get to do something together and he gets left out.  It's hard--sometimes it's just easier for the two of them to do something and not have Carter in the way, which would inevitably make Jacob crazy and cause everything to fall apart.  But I know that as he gets older, Carter is only going to get more frustrated about being left out, no matter how much fun he and I have together.  He always wants to be outside when the big boys are out there, and I think Jacob's gotten a little more accustomed to having Carter out there, especially if he wants to play lacrosse.  He still may not like it, but he's expressed frustration at the thought of Carter potentially not wanting to play lacrosse as he gets older, so perhaps he understands that including him might be the best way to do it.  Craig captured this amazing picture of both of them (smiling!) last night...

And even better, he got this video which perfectly captures life around our house these days...lacrosse, weird sibling interactions, and lots of noise!  And the tornado/tomato reference is because the skies were stormy looking and Carter called a tornado a "tormato", which gave us all a good laugh!

Hopefully we will finally get to more exciting weekends soon.  We're getting closer to Jacob's birthday, so one way or another things will get more interesting!  Summer is waiting for us and we need to get in the game!

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