Friday, October 31, 2014


Well, we survived another Halloween!  It's been a crazy week, but we did it...pretty well, in fact. 

On Wednesday we carved our pumpkin.  Jacob did a pretty good job this year of helping scoop out the seeds.  The pumpkin was rotting a bit on the inside, which was a bit of a bummer, but we got it cleaned out, cut a face (complete with a mustache, as suggested by Jacob), and cleaned up relatively quickly.  Carter sat and watched us, but when we turned the pumpkin around so he could see the face, he started saying, "No, no, no!" in this sad little voice.  For some reason it creeps him out, I think!  He kept saying "bye-bye" to it too, which I think was a hint for us!  I did move him outside as soon as I could.  

I found out Wednesday, too, that Jacob's class was not only going to be frosting cutout cookies, but they were also going to be tasting pumpkin bread and chocolate pumpkin muffins.  UGH.  That meant that I had a couple days to finagle some replacements that would help Jacob feel included.  I had already planned on making gluten-free cutouts, but now I needed to find something pumpkin.  Fortunately, I was going out to lunch with my group at work the next day, and we were going to our favorite little place in the city, this amazing restaurant that actually caters to special diets but makes delicious food for anyone.  It's fancier stuff than I usually eat, but every meal I've ever had has been spectacular.  And right across the street is a tiny bakery called The Gluten Free Chef.  Perfect!  I picked up a tiny loaf of pumpkin bread, and that was set!

I mentioned the other day that I had a funny costume idea that I managed to cobble together, and here it is...say hello to Velma Dinkley...
Yes, I'm holding a little Scooby-Doo and wearing my glasses from when I was 13!
The costume got quite a few smiles, and actually fit in with my research co-worker's "cat burglar" costume!
Craig took off part of the day to go help out in Jacob's class (he headed up a cookie frosting table!), then brought the boys to my office to trick-or-treat!  Carter has not been loving his costume, but I managed to get him into it with only a minor tantrum.  Of course, he would not keep his mouse ears on, so the body was as good as it was going to get.  We wandered around my office and the boys got candy from my co-workers and showed off their adorable selves.  Back at my desk, Carter was fascinated by the view out the window, with his own front-row seat to a great view 16 floors up!
Little Mouse, Big City

He was mesmerized by the train, buses, and cars he could see from up there.
Jacob was hanging out at my desk, fascinated by my giant pen, which was a gift from our first-ever intern.  She was a funny girl.

Craig took Jacob home and I left work early with Carter in tow so we could get home at a reasonable time and not rush to cram in dinner before trick-or-treating.  We got pizza and had a comfortable amount of time to eat and get ready.  Carter still wouldn't wear his hat, but I snapped this miserable shot of him for posterity.
Sad mouse :(
That costume has now been worn by me, Jacob, and Carter.  And I sort of feel like it's cursed, but more likely it's just the age.  Jacob split open his lip (leading to a visit to the emergency room) five minutes before trick-or-treating when he wore it, and tonight Jacob accidentally pushed Carter's ride-on car into his face (rescuing his ninja belt which was under it) and gave Carter a little bruise under his eye.  And Carter really didn't want to wear the ears, so it just seemed like there was no sense trying much with him this year.  But we got a couple smiles after the ears came off...
In all the chaos, this is the best picture I got of Jacob.  I actually liked his ninja costume despite the craziness we went through to get it (thanks to the annoying, overpriced Halloween store).

It was rainy and a bit chilly out, but Carter did seem to want to tag along for trick-or-treating.  I snapped a picture of our pumpkin on the way out...

I strapped Carter into the wagon, grabbed our safe trick-or-treating gear that I won via another blog (reflective slap bracelets and a flashlight), along with an old cereal box toy, a flashing skull, that's always been an extra little safety device on Halloween!  Our neighborhood is a bit hit or miss with houses.  The neighbors across the street were actually out tonight, but stopped by beforehand to drop off two big candy bars each for the boys!  We had to do a lot of wandering for the candy we got, but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't more miserable.  It was in the 40s, I think, but despite the constant drizzle, it really wasn't freezing.  I didn't even need my gloves.  Carter was content, too.  At one point we passed back by our house and I asked if he wanted to go in.  He whimpered when I pulled in the driveway, so we kept going.  Jacob actually wanted to quit long before Carter did!
Our entourage

We did maybe 11 houses and Jacob wanted to be done.  He wasn't miserable or anything, he just wanted to be done.  My inner child thinks he's crazy, but my grown-up self thinks, well, at least he's not going to have an absurd amount of candy!  Aside from one house where we know the neighbors, Carter just sat in his wagon and I didn't bother getting candy for him.  He already had plenty from work, if nothing else!

We came home and Carter did not want to go in, even though his head was wet and it was getting colder.  I guess we'll have to get out the lawnmower tomorrow, no matter how cold it is!  Carter got to try a couple treats tonight--one little Kit-Kat and a couple Skittles--and of course started asking for more.  Oh boy.  We traded out the couple gluten treats Jacob got, and we ended up with a ton of candy leftover.  We got more kids than I expected with the weather, but after the year we ran out of candy, I always try to overprepare.  Oh, well.

All told everything (aside from Carter's mouse ears) went pretty smoothly.  Hard to believe November starts in 15 minutes and we're now on our way to Thanksgiving!  Time is flying!

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