Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Gapless Wonder!

It finally happened.  Jacob lost a tooth!  He was a late bloomer in that department like his mama, and the tooth that's been pretty loose for a few weeks now finally came out today.  And Jacob pulled it out himself!  He did it during the afterschool program today, and I found out when I called home this evening on my way to the gym, and had to wait until after my class to see it for myself...

The funny thing about it is that his permanent tooth is already halfway in, so he doesn't have the usual gap that most kids have.  He's got a hole in his gum and a tooth that just looks out of alignment!  So hard to believe that one of the teeth we waited so long for is now done!  Those baby teeth were so hard fought, and it's funny to think that they'll all going to come out at some point!  I vaguely remember losing those early teethmyself, but I don't have as much recollection of the later ones, aside from my four canines which were pulled out together.  Ouch. 

I'm proud of him that he did it because it was making him nervous and bothering him when he ate.  The tooth fairy has to come tonight, too, and then the wait will be on for the next one! 

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