Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Looking Back...

I was looking back in the blog last night because I was curious about what I wrote about Jacob at the age Carter is now.  I don't really want to compare the kids, because clearly they are individuals, but it's always interesting to see what issues we were dealing with and what the latest milestones were when Jacob was at a certain age. 

Jacob was approaching the 20-month mark in mid-February 2010.  We were a month or so into a new daycare and a month or so away from moving into our new house.  We were dealing with a lot of tantrums (sounds familiar) and working through some eating and sleeping issues.  I discovered that he was saying some rather fancy words, including "hockey" and "Knighthawks".  Based on what I was reading, he was able to use quite a few words, in fact.  Carter has words, but they're not all clear...and I'm not sure some of them are the most useful ones.  He has said "tree" and "shoes" lately, among other things, and we're pretty sure he's trying to say "lawnmower", because he loves the bubble mower so much. 

Back when he was Carter's age now, Jacob's interests were quite clear based on the words he was using.  In addition to "hockey" and "Knighthawks", he was also able to say "touchdown".  I found this post in particular to be very interesting 4-1/2 years later.  It went over Jacob's apparent sports obsession, and I wondered how much was too much.  Was it okay to let him be so into sports?  What should we do about him always carrying around a hockey or lacrosse stick?  Was it bad that so much of his world had to do with sports, when there were so many other things he should be focusing on and learning?

All these years later I know that while he did diversify, sports is still a major part of his world.  His interests still tend to be a bit all-encompassing, as well.  For a while he loved superheroes, and Legos climbed the ranks sometime after that.  He's always loved his giant collection of stuffed animals and still sleeps with most of them.  But through all that, he still loves sports most.  He's decidedly less obsessed, but he does go through spurts of focus, like when baseball season starts and he wants to play baseball every night, or around his last birthday when everything was all about basketball.  Now he's totally into lacrosse and wants to play every chance he gets.  But even still...he's really into a few games on the iPad and loves playing with his Legos and Playmobil guys, so it's not all sports. 

I just found it interesting to see that while some things have changed, the sports thing really did stick.  I guess it's a lesson to us as parents to never discount our kids' interests.  Even though Carter's still just a baby, if there's something he truly loves, perhaps that's not going to change as much as we think.  He definitely isn't as focused on anything as Jacob was on sports, but he's still passionate about things and will definitely be interesting to watch as he grows up.  We've only just begun..

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