Friday, October 17, 2014

News & Notes, I Hate Halloween Edition

Tonight was frustrating.  I had to pick up the kids and thought it would be good to check Jacob's Halloween costume off the list.  We had picked one out online and went to the Halloween store to try it on and get it.  As a side note, that store makes me CRAZY.  It has gone way beyond Halloween "fun".  I mean, the oversexed costumes and overly creepy costumes are one thing, but all of those crazy decorations are just over the top.  They scared the crap out of Carter and I was actually offended by the zombie babies, for crying out loud. 

Anyway, the costume fit perfectly and as we were walking up to the register, I realized it was marked $10 higher than it was online.  Seriously?  The kids were driving me nuts and rather than deal with a meltdown if we didn't get it, I bought it--only to find out that tonight was the last night to return anything.  So...we came home and I jumped online and found that Party City had it for $10 cheaper.  I called, it was in stock, and I just had to hope that Craig got home from his golf tournament in time for me to return the darn thing.  We survived dinner, barely survived bedtime, and Craig came home in time for me to return the $30 one and buy the $20 one.  Thank God...because paying that much for a crappy piece of spandex was really getting to me.

Luckily, Carter's costume is taking care of itself.  He fits perfectly in the same mouse costume that I wore as a little girl, and that Jacob wore five years ago.  He's going to look absurdly cute.  I still need to figure out what I'm going to do.  My office seems to have a renewed interest in Halloween this year, so I'd really like to dress up, but my one idea seems challenging and I'm out of ideas after that.  I just need the time to run to a couple places and see how feasible my idea is.  Beyond that, we still need to get to a pumpkin patch, buy pumpkins, and do a Celiac refresher on Halloween candy.  Oh, and I still need to figure out the Celiac fix for Jacob's school party.  So much to do.

The boys have a really odd, really challenging relationship these days.  I liked it better when Jacob ignored Carter.  Now they have moments where they're almost really playing together, but then it all turns into one giant wrestling match where someone gets hurt.  Carter keeps after Jacob, thinking they're playing, and Jacob can't seem to pull himself out of it when it's getting too intense.  Carter can't understand that it's going too far, or that he might get hurt.  And Jacob doesn't really care if Carter gets hurt...and if Jacob gets hurt, he gets angry.  It's just a bad combo.  I like that they're able to interact, that they can laugh at each other now, and that Jacob is starting to see the light...but they both need to survive this stage before I'm going to be celebrating!

Carter is still making me absolutely nuts at the dinner table, throwing his food and cup on the floor every single time.  WHY?!  No matter how stern we are about it, it happens again and again.  And Jacob's no easier much of the time.  He ignores us when we ask him to do something.  We have to threaten him with major punishment to get him to do even the simplest stuff.  I also find it infuriating when he doesn't try when he's reading.  He can read, and a lot of the time he does well.  But then he gets frustrated by the littlest thing and stops trying.  He guesses at words and skips over things, to the point that I'm ready to get his eyes checked.  He's so smart and it kills me when he has moments like that.

Jacob really wants to play basketball this fall, but with lacrosse officially starting up in a couple weeks, there's just no way that I want him doing sports two evenings a week plus Saturday.  With school, that's too much.  We'll have to look into it and see if we can find something for after lacrosse is over, but I know how much he wants it and it stinks that we can't make it work right now.  On the bright side, he got some great feedback from his lacrosse coach at practice last night.  He's really improving and I'm so proud of him.  I'm really looking forward to his games, though I'm actually going to have to watch this year because he might actually score!

Carter is slowly but surely trying new words, but I compared teaching him to talk to the "Friends" episode where Joey tries to speak French.  He hears one thing and it sounds totally different coming out of his mouth!  I don't think it's a hearing issue because he seems to hear fine, but some of it isn't calculating yet.  He'll get there, I'm sure, but it's definitely a switch from Jacob, who picked up words fast and at least seemed to pick up the right sounds relatively well. 

This week I finally got new photos up at my desk.  I have a few pictures of the kids, one of Craig and me, a few family photos, and a few of my favorite artsy shots, most of which are Chihuly pieces.  It's nice to have more recent pictures and look at my cute kids all day. 

I guess that's what's up this week.  Hopefully more to come soon...

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