Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend, Part One

We had quite the crazy week surrounding Easter.  From the unexpected trip to Buffalo for the funeral on Wednesday, to two more trips back and forth and a lot of stuff in between, to a Monday off for Jacob, it was a whirlwind week.  I guess I figured we might as well make the most of our time, if nothing else!

Friday morning I got the kids packed up and headed out to my parents' house.  We got to hang out and enjoy the weather for a bit before heading over to my aunt and uncle's house for our traditional Good Friday dinner, prunes and noodles.  I brought PB&J for Jacob, strawberries with yogurt dip to share, and made gluten-free rice krispie treats for dessert.  It was great to hang out with my family and eat my fill of delicious food!

We headed out to church after that.  The kids were pretty good for most of the service.  In fact, Jacob was great and spent much of the service asking my mom questions about what he was seeing and hearing.  The questions were generally really good ones, and they continued in the car on the way home.  Answering questions about Jesus' death is not easy, but hopefully he took in the important stuff.  Carter got very antsy right at the end of the service--during the most dramatic part, of course--and while it was sort of embarrassing, a lot of people commented that it was appropriate with him crying right when Jesus died (the service did a progression of the various moments of Jesus' death).  Oh, well.  I got to see my friend Heather for a few minutes, and then we got a couple very sleepy boys back to the house to go to bed.

Saturday morning Jacob and I went to the Aquarium of Niagara, where we have a membership, for their SEAster Egg Hunt.  We've never done it before but it sounded fun.  They give you a sheet of paper when you come in, and each exhibit is numbered.  You look for Easter eggs in each exhibit and write down how many there are.  There were 29 exhibits, I think.  We had fun looking and counting in each exhibit, and it was fun to see how they hid them.  Some were huge and some were small.  Some were floating, some were buried in the sand, some were nestled in the rock formations, and some exhibits didn't have any!  Since there will most likely be a lot of first place ties, they do a draw and each of three age groups would have three winners.  We haven't heard anything so I assume we didn't win, but it was really fun and Jacob was great.  Here are some photo highlights:

Outside the aquarium

This was a life-size recreation of a prehistoric fish's mouth.  Jacob was pretty obsessed with its size!

This fish was so big and I liked his coloring.  Notice the egg at the bottom of the picture!

Jacob was checking out some of the items they had out for kids to touch.  He was a little creeped out by the underside of that starfish!

The color of that starfish was so pretty!

I love saltwater tanks.  They're so bright and vivid!

Clownfish will never be the same after Finding Nemo.  Not sure what's cooler, the fish itself, or its obsession with the sea anemone!

This dude was a little creepy, but I sort of liked how he appeared to be smiling!

Jacob actually consented to getting his picture with the SEAster Bunny!  He got rewarded with a Tootsie Roll Pop!

We got to see the Sea Lion show before we left, and I caught a shot of the legs of the trainer when he was swimming with the one sea lion.  Their sea lions are trained really well and put the lazy ones in Rochester to shame!

We checked out the penguins multiple times, though they were pretty low key.  However, can you spot all three eggs in their enclosure?

Jacob has been big into penguins since he got his stuffed Emperor penguin on Valentine's Day, the one we secretly bought in Pittsburgh last Labor Day weekend but didn't give to him because he was so naughty.  I figured he might like his picture with the Emperor Penguin sign.

I took this picture outside on our way out to the car, after we stopped for another viewing of the seals.  Is it just me or does he look all five-going-on-fifteen here?
After the aquarium, a nap on the way home, and some lunch, we had a little time to play outside before heading home.  Normally we'd stay right through Easter, but we had a big night ahead.  Jacob's lacrosse team was playing during halftime of the Knighthawks game!  And in case you hadn't assumed it, Craig was back in Rochester this whole time working.  Thankfully Craig brought Jacob's equipment to the arena, which was super helpful since it's usually challenging enough just getting two kids and a backpack to the games!  The extra couple pounds Carter appears to have (finally) put on seem to have helped him hit a threshold where carting him around in the Bjorn is no longer comfortable.  It's still better than holding him in my arms all night, I suppose, but I am looking forward to the walking era.  We're up to three or four steps at a time right now, but we're still a long way from done!  Anyway, getting there is always a bit chaotic, but we were there in time for the pregame tunnel team, where Jacob and his teammates got to welcome the teams onto the floor.
Waiting to run out pregame!
We had to get his equipment right after, and headed down with 10 minutes left in the second quarter to get ready. 
Ready to go!
The coach changed his pinnie right before they went out because there were only a few kids his age, and while the bigger kids played some form of a game, Jacob and the other kids in white just sort of scooped up loose balls and took shots.
That's Jacob in the middle in the white jersey and orange socks and shorts.
He was so funny because he kept trying to wait until the goalie paid attention to him, so he could take a real shot and risk it being stopped, rather than just shooting at half an open net.  Only Jacob.  Here's video of one of his shots--and yes, he scored a ton!

It was a late enough night as it was, so we left at the end of the third quarter to get home and get some sleep before an early Easter morning.  I had a late night getting a lot of things ready, but I wanted to be ready for another busy day!

Part Two coming soon...

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