Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Week Update

So, we're in the midst of a bit of a crazy week.  I guess that's part of the reason why I haven't posted much, but really, I've had other things to keep me occupied in the evenings that just sound easier or more productive than pulling pictures off my camera or trying to think about what I could share.  I do have a post or two in mind for one of these days.  I'm hoping I'll have some quiet moments over the weekend where I can sneak in a post or two.  I guess it's good that nothing is driving me so nuts that I feel the need to vent here, right?

I think we're finally getting back into the time of year where things start becoming a little more photogenic, or at least where our activity level goes up a bit just by virtue of the outside not being off-limits.  We had a lovely weekend last weekend and Monday (up to 80 degrees!) before it SNOWED on Tuesday and stayed cold yesterday (though it was gloriously sunny, so I can cut it some slack there).  But Tuesday was totally gross and cold 24 hours after the most lovely weather of the year so far!

Yesterday we had a bit of an unscheduled trip to Buffalo (trip one of three this week!) because Craig's great aunt passed away early Monday morning.  She was 89 and had been ill for a while, so we knew it might be coming soon.  Because it was an afternoon funeral (Holy Week activities in the morning?), we had no choice but to bring the kids with us to Buffalo and leave them at my parents'.  It turned out to be a pretty good day, all things considered.  The kids were well-behaved and ate a ton, and Craig and I got to have some time alone together.  We got to see his family, have a delicious meal, and even sneak in a quick trip to the Broadway Market for their big Easter market.  I have been wanting to go for a few years now (I think Jacob was probably two the last time we went), and every year things have just been too crazy.  It's a madhouse during Easter week so it's always a little intimidating to go even when we are in town and have time, but thankfully we were there at the end of the day before the crush of Easter preparations really got going, so it was a pleasant experience to just walk around and browse a bit.

We didn't buy much, but it was fun nonetheless.  The market definitely skews Polish, and Craig got a couple Poland shirts--one for him and one for Jacob.  My target was the Polish painted eggs that many of the vendors sell.  They're so beautifully colored and for whatever reason they just suck me in every time.  I took a lovely picture a few years ago at Craig's aunt's house, as her collection is impressive:
She had given me one last year (I think), and I really wanted to give it some friends.  I found four that I really liked.
The blue one was one that Aunt Marie gave me, and the red, orange, yellow, and black are the new ones.  I just think they're so pretty.  Honorable mention to the martini glass style candy dish they're sitting in, courtesy of my grandma's collection.

We browsed the food, as well, as there is every type of delicious Easter snack you could ask for--molded chocolate, chocolate dipped everything, fried waffles (think fried dough but crispier), breads, cookies, etc.  The problem was that a lot of it is more-than-one-sitting/person big, and there's not a lot of allergy-type labeling or guarantees that work surfaces haven't been in contact with gluten.  Picking something we could eat on the spot (while already stuffed!) or that was Jacob-friendly to bring home proved to be difficult.  We skipped the snacks and headed back to two boys who'd had a great day but were very excited to see us!

It was a very long day and both boys conked out in the car (though Carter woke up just long enough for a night time bottle), and we actually went to bed nearly on time, as well!  Tonight involved a lot of preparations for the coming days--shopping for items I need for food I'm bringing to various get-togethers, washing bottles and sippy cups, and packing up for about 28 hours in Buffalo before returning home for a day...and then going BACK to Buffalo for Sunday.  I'm still trying to figure out exactly how we're going to pull it all off, but we'll see.  I'm excited for the boys to get their Easter baskets, and I need to find time to sneak in egg dyeing with Jacob (pray for my kitchen and our clothes, please).  I'm hoping to do an Easter egg hunt on Saturday (on top of one we did last weekend--I still need to post those pictures), and Jacob plays during halftime at the Knighthawks game Saturday.  So, needless to say, we have a very busy few days ahead of us.  Still, this is one of my favorite holidays (spring, bright colors, less chaos than Christmas, joyful religious significance) and I'm all about spending time with family, so it's all worth it in the end.  Oh, and Jacob is off school on Monday and I'm taking off to take him to Strong Museum in hopes that not all school districts are off that day and it will be a little less crazy than it is this week.

So, yeah, crazy.  Hopefully more soon...

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