Monday, April 28, 2014

News & Notes, Slacker Mom Edition

I feel like such a slacker here lately.  Part of the issue is that my work computer no longer likes the USB cable I use with my camera, so it's a bit of a pain to pull recent pictures onto that computer like I used to do during my lunch break, which would set the stage for a post to be written.  But part of it is that I'm just preoccupied with other things in the evenings--work, bill paying/mail reading, cleaning up, general randomness online, or, like last night, trying to get Carter to fall asleep for over an hour.  This week in particular I knew I had a couple pictures to share but I just haven't gotten around to getting my camera out to pull those pictures on to my laptop.  Maybe by the time I finish this post!

We had a pretty low key weekend, I guess.  Craig had to go to Buffalo for a lacrosse game Saturday afternoon, and Carter took a marathon nap, during which I laid down to rest, and at some point Jacob joined me.  When I woke up for real at 5:30, Carter was still quiet but it turned out he was awake, and it took me a while to wake Jacob up.  We had some dinner and headed out to the mall to buy Jacob some summer clothes.  He mostly needed some dress stuff for church.  We got that done, listened to a little of Craig's game, and then both boys went to bed.

Sunday we had church and a trip to Wegmans, then had some lunch and waited for Craig to come home.  Carter took another long nap and woke up just in time for all of us to go with Craig to an appearance he had set up for a fundraiser for CURE Childhood Cancer Association, which has greatly benefitted two of my friends whose kids have gone through cancer.  We stayed at the fundraiser for a bit before making a quick stop at the mall and moving along to dinner at our favorite go-to restaurant these days, Pizzeria Uno.  They do a great job with gluten-free pizza, so it's always a favorite!  Jacob ate his entire full-sized (but thin crust) pizza!  Carter had a pizza himself and ate 2-1/2 small pieces...not bad!

Anyway, back to the grind for our first full week in a while.  However, we do have a half day on Wednesday because we have Jacob's appointment at the Behavioral Specialist.  We've been working on this for a while so it will be good to finally get the opinion of someone who specializes in things like Jacob has been dealing with.  I'm hoping to have another post about that visit--ideally a pre-visit pondering--but we'll see if I can carve out time for that.  We'll definitely have a lot of questions for them.  We want some tips for managing his inattention at school, and for managing his defiance at home.  Sometimes we swear he's just overexcited at the thought of playing with Craig and that's what prompts a lot of his outbursts.  We'll have two hours of evaluation and a follow-up for just Craig and me in a few weeks.

Last week Jacob and I finally got around to coloring Easter eggs!  I know, a little late, but if they're not going to get hidden anyway, does it matter when we do them?  We still had fun and we've been enjoying the hardboiled eggs nonetheless.  I made egg salad, which I've been enjoying, and even Jacob likes the eggs.  Using the dye made me a little nervous, but we ended up pretty much unscathed.
Ready to go!

Being silly!

I gave Carter some plastic eggs to play with, and they all ended up on the floor...multiple times!
We experimented with many different combinations, and we liked the end results!
Finished product!
We had a great time...and maybe next year we'll do it on time!

In case you were unaware, cancer sucks.  I've watched the roller coaster over the past 24 hours or so with friends of mine.  Last night was the St. Baldrick's fundraiser here in Rochester, and numerous people shaved their heads in honor of my friends' daughter, Amanda.  She's currently undergoing a new treatment--possibly the first incidence of it in the US for her cancer--and she's showing signs of progress, even if it is destroying her immune system in the meantime.  But she had a miraculous recovery of her immunity on Friday, which allowed her to come home from the hospital way ahead of schedule and be able to attend the event for a bit.  Her crew raised over $10,000!  My friend Darcy also spoke at the event about her son Roman, who's doing fantastically in full remission!  She was so pumped up this morning when I talked to her about the event--about being able to speak at it, about being able to catch up with my friends, about her emotions seeing the other people there--and it warmed my heart to see her happy ending in full force.  Then as I was eating my lunch this afternoon, I noticed something pop up in my Facebook feed that felt like a punch to the gut.  My parents' good friend passed away after a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer.  She had been doing well up until the last couple months, and went downhill fairly quickly.  She was also the grandmother of Nora, who's made a couple appearances here over the years.  She's a few months older than Jacob and lives down the street from my parents.  Jacob has been quite taken with her at times.  When I held her brother Kurt, Jacob was not happy...which gave us our first official insight into how he'd be as a brother.  Sigh.  My heart breaks for the family, because losing their mom and grandma will leave a huge hole, but it's nice to know she's at peace and rejoicing in Heaven.  She will be dearly missed by a lot of people on earth, including my parents. 

Jacob's lacrosse practices started last week, and baseball is coming up this week.  We're going to be pretty stinkin' busy from now until at least mid-June.  Both sports are multiple times per week, though some overlap, so things are going to get a little hairy for a bit.  Jacob seems to be coming back around to baseball, though, which is good.  He hadn't been wanting to do it, but perhaps he has finally remembered he's pretty good at it. 

Carter is pretty entertaining these days.  He says "ball" a lot, often quite randomly and very seriously.  He's been making some cute noises that sound like talking but aren't, and my favorite recent trick of his is to flap his lips with his finger to make noise.  If you do it in front of him, he will respond by doing it himself.  He's only partly successful, but I can't decide what is cuter--when he does it and it works, or when he sort of misses the mark but looks so cute trying!  He's taking a lot of steps these days, but he's still not getting into a standing position on his own, so his practice is still only when we help him.  But his standing is getting much stronger and while he does still throw himself at you a lot, he can walk straight up for a handful of steps.  Hopefully he'll be walking soon so I can give my arms a break!  That will also push me to get Jacob new booster seats so Carter can have his car seats!

These days we're mostly just waiting for spring to get things going.  We're in the midst of a couple weeks of cool weather in the 50s.  When the sun is out it is pleasant but still a bit cool, but when it's not, it feels cold and miserable.  We're in for rain for the next few days, and I'm really starting to wonder if all of this cold weather is going to stunt all of the plants that were just on the verge of blooming when we had a couple lovely days in the 60s around Easter.  The forsythias seem to be trying so hard to come out, but I haven't seen a bushy one yet because it's been so chilly.  Hopefully soon, because we could all use some outside time!

I think those are the big highlights for now.  Hopefully more on Jacob's appointment soon!

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