Sunday, March 9, 2014

Status Quo

Sorry it's been a little quiet around here lately.  I guess that's a good thing, because it means that there's not a lot to vent about.  It also means there isn't much excitement either, but we're sort of in one of those lulls of the year where there isn't a lot of ready-made fun.  We either have to plan it ourselves or it isn't happening.  Craig has spent so many of the last few weekends on the road that there hasn't been a lot of motivation to plan things.  Easter still isn't for another six weeks and the weather is still crappy.  I did realize that we're traveling a bit for three weekends in a row, starting with today when we went to Buffalo for Craig's mom's birthday and to see his Nana who's still a bit ill.  It was a nice day, though I spent the day thinking the kids' schedules are going to be totally screwed up, since the time changed last night and today's car rides led to oddly timed naps.  On top of that, I've been trying to wean Carter off his bottles a bit and give him more milk in sippy cups, but the end result always makes me think that he's not going to get enough since he loses interest in the cups sooner than bottles.  Today's schedule was a little different in general, so I wonder if he really ended up with enough.

Still, it was a pretty good day.  Jacob had his moments as usual, but he was a trooper when we had a couple hiccups--first with some limited food options and second with not being able to get some hand-me-down hockey equipment he'd been hoping to get.  I give him major credit for not having a major meltdown in either case.  He's been pretty decent lately.  He definitely has annoying moments, but he can be reasonable and downright charming at times.  I can't help but wonder if his body has finally adjusted to the lack of gluten and the six-month Behavior improvement window I read so much about has actually come to pass.  I still think there are some other things happening--maybe some ADD, maybe some other behavior issues.  He still really doesn't like Carter, and I can't help but wonder if there isn't some sort of PTSD from all of the changes over the past year--from Carter's arrival (and my subsequent disappearance from so much of his daily life) to starting Kindergarten.  We've done our best to help him through, but it almost seems like he improved most once Craig's roadtrips started and it forced us to spend time together.  At least Carter's naptime has given us some time alone, and we've had a chance to enjoy each other without constantly having to be rushing somewhere.  I definitely think it has helped.  We still have a lot to work through, but right now things are at least manageable.

Carter is quite the kid.  He just wants to be moving and be in the middle of the action.  He's not walking, but he's standing unsupported a lot more and loves walking while his hands are being held.  Give it another month and he'll probably be doing the real thing.  He's super playful and has a great sense of humor.  It's fun watching him move between his toys and see what he gravitates to.  He actually really seems to like cars (which I credit to watching the "big boys" drive them around during church), and he will push vehicles all over the room at daycare.  Around the house he has taken to pulling the fridge farm and alphabet bases (both electronic toys) off the fridge and pushing them around the kitchen floor face down.  I don't get it, but it's funny.  He also likes swinging around golf clubs and hockey sticks and sweeping at balls.  He also loves his little tunnel and one of these days I have to get video of him in there.  I keep hoping he'll start talking soon, too, but that may be a bit off.  Since he seemed to babble earlier than Jacob I hoped he'd talk sooner, but I guess he's focusing more on the walking.  He doesn't seem to necessarily make connections like Jacob did at this age.  I have video from Jacob's first birthday where we'd ask him how old he is and he actually held up one finger on command.  Carter doesn't seem to make a connection like that yet.  He'll mimic certain actions, which Jacob almost never seemed to do, but when it comes to sounds he's not quite there.  Of course, we know now that Jacob is extremely smart, so I guess it makes sense that he was a little advanced in that way.  Carter will get there, but what I wouldn't give for a little clear communication, or at least some direct acknowledgement. 

He's eating pretty well, but he's losing some interest in vegetables.  We're done with baby foods entirely.  He likes mini bagels, meats, and some fruits--though peaches are not his favorites.  He seems to do well with yogurt and we're slowly introducing him to other foods as we go along.  The transition from formula to milk is going pretty well.  We're more than halfway there and he's been fine.  Once we got his medicine flavored again he was keeping milk down again, so it appears that medicine just didn't settle well.  I will not miss that expensive formula, that's for sure!  I am trying to figure out how to take milk with us places, so I may have to get some shelf-stable to-go bottles of something for when we're out and about.  But we'll be on whole milk by the end of the week!  And once that happens, we can start weaning him off of one of his medicines! 

I almost had a disaster the other day when I had to run out and get something to get us through the one day between the end of our last can of formula and the arrival of the toddler formula I was using for the rest of the transition.  I was going to get the cheapest "gentle" formula option, so it wasn't the expensive stuff but also wasn't full-on dairy, and when I brought home a six-pack of the ready-to-drink Gentlease, I looked at the ingredients and realized it had rice in it!  The regular stuff doesn't, so I have no idea why the ready-to-drink does!  Thank goodness I didn't try to feed him that.  I ran back out later that night and grabbed some Gerber bottles with similarly broken-down proteins.  Part of me really wants to test out the rice thing because I'd love for him to eat with us, but it's probably just too soon. 

This coming weekend we're heading off to Toronto for a couple days.  Carter will probably stay back with my parents so we can focus on Jacob and spare him some chaos and odd schedules.  Jacob's been dying to go to Toronto to see the Knighthawks play the Rock, so we'll do that and hopefully hit up a couple other favorite stops while we're there.  The change of scenery will be nice.  But before that we have another busy week!

For tonight I'll leave you with a preview of Carter's silliness in his tunnel...

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