Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just when you thought it was over... was our first "normal" day in a while.  Jacob went to school, Carter went to daycare, and Craig and I went to work.  I spent most of the day half expecting a call from somewhere about a sick kid, just because I don't really trust this plague.  It has been an odd one.

To recap...
  • Carter got sick Tuesday night and spent about six hours retching every half hour or so.  He seemed a lot better by morning and we all stayed home that day thanks to a combination of the sickness and the snow day. 
  • We were back to normal on Thursday, and everything seemed fine until Friday morning when I got the call that he had thrown up his morning bottle at daycare.  He seemed okay again right after, and sure enough, he was fine the rest of the day.  We chalked it up to drinking his bottle too fast combined with an odd burp, and hoped that was the end of it.
  • We loaded up Friday afternoon and headed to Buffalo to drop Carter off with my parents and continue on to Toronto with Jacob, to stay until late Saturday night.  Carter was very sad when we left him behind and cried a while, but he went to bed fine and all was well.  
  • Meanwhile, on our way to Toronto, Jacob seemed a little odd right after dinner (extra whiny/panicky about wanting to get on the road), and then fell asleep just a few minutes into the drive.  I was a little nervous since he had already slept really well the night before (and so did Carter before he got sick), but it had been a busy day of anticipation so I hoped that's all it was.
  • He slept most of the way, until we just reached the city.  He was a little groggy when he first woke up, but perked up quickly and was fine for the couple hours it took to get there, load in, and get ready for bed.  
  • As we were getting ready to go to sleep, Jacob complained that his stomach hurt.  A few minutes later he threw up.  Fortunately we managed to contain the mess pretty well and he felt better afterward.  The guys fell asleep and I stayed awake too nervous about round #2.
  • A couple hours later he woke up puking, or so it would seem since I was pretty quick to check on him when he stirred, and yet we ended up with a huge mess.  
  • After housekeeping stopped in, I tried to get some sleep but probably barely dozed.  Four or five hours after Jacob's last incident, right when I was hoping he was done, he woke up and dry heaved.  Fortunately that marked the end of the worst of it, but we had to come back in the early afternoon because I was too nervous about getting it myself and stranding us there.
  • All through the week, Craig and I had moments of nausea, though some of that can certainly be attributed to nerves and the physical response to dealing with bodily fluids.  Mine seemed to manifest itself in almost an acid reflux-type feeling, which made me feel yucky in my throat even though by all accounts my stomach itself seemed fine.  It actually reminded me of pregnancy, where the slightest thing could bring me to the brink of being sick, but I never actually got sick.  That feeling intensified overnight Friday to Saturday, but the worst held off.
  • The boys and I came back home Saturday night, and we had a relatively uneventful overnight.  Carter woke up a bit unhappy, and throughout the day he turned into a clingy, cranky mess.  He didn't have any other symptoms until I realized he had a low-grade fever, but it certainly left me confused because that kind of a fever shouldn't be able to do that much of a job on my normally happy baby.
  • Craig was home with Carter on Monday and basically had him sleeping on his chest ALL day.  Still no other symptoms.
  • I stayed home with him yesterday because he still had a fever and still seemed miserable when he woke up in the morning.  He perked up a bit mid-morning, where he actually cracked a few smiles and had moments of seeming normal.  The doctor said that it could be a virus or teething, which is exactly what I had been thinking they'd say.  
  • His appetite has been hit-or-miss for a couple days and he's still pretty clingy.  I can't leave the room and his periods of playfulness seem pretty short compared to normal. 
So, this morning I was hoping he'd be back to normal, but he seemed to wake up a little hoarse with a bit of a cough, so perhaps the virus is getting worse now that the fever is going away.  He seemed unhappy at daycare when I dropped him off, which almost never happens.  When I picked him up, they said he had had good moments during the day, but particularly this afternoon he was unhappy.  He was periodically cranky at dinner, and afterward he was completely inconsolable at times.  He'd cry for minutes on end, didn't want to be held, and kicked and scooted on his back along the floor.  A few times he stopped and seemed fine, but then he'd start back up again.  He had a hard time falling asleep after his bottle because he'd constantly whine for a minute and then chill back out.  He went down fine (only one cry that I've heard so far, an hour later), but I'm concerned.

I don't want to sound cheap, but our ER co-pay is $500.  That is a serious investment in something that could be gas, you know?  It doesn't seem like gas because his belly isn't hard, and while it could be teething (he's been chewing on his fingers a lot), it seemed more intense than that.  I gave him ibuprofen, but the pain continued for a lot longer than I would have expected. 

A friend of mine suggested via Facebook that it could be intussusception, which is basically a sort of intestinal obstruction.  I won't lie--the symptoms sound very similar, but I'm still trying not to jump to conclusions.  Usually extremes like that sound crazy, but at this point nothing would surprise me.  I would really like him to poop so I can make sure there's no blood in it, but he's not always consistent with that, unfortunately.  The good news is that he's got his every-few-month appointment with the pulmonary specialist tomorrow morning, so hopefully they can give him another once-over to make sure nothing seems amiss.  It was very scary, but I find it encouraging that he's sleeping well right now.  Still, all bets are off when the ibuprofen wears off.  It could be yet another rough night.  He slept on me for a good part of two nights this week before a good night last night, and I'm exhausted thinking of another sleepless night on top of all the others I've had in the past week.

On the bright side, Jacob seems to be doing better.  His behavior is back to difficult (it's sort of cyclical, I swear), but he's been doing okay at school with the exception of yet another write-up at the afterschool program on Monday.  We're waiting to hear if he gets suspended for a bit since this was his third.  My stomach is still a little off, but it's much better than it was.  I started taking Ranitidine (just like Carter!) to counteract the reflux-y feeling in my throat, and that seemed to help.  I'm not imminently expecting to be sick, but I still have moments where I can tell I'm still not entirely back to normal.  The worst it got was a few very soft and frequent BMs while Jacob was at his worst, but even since it's just been a general ickiness that gets better at times.

So, just when we thought things might be better, we have yet another concern.  I'd really like to get back to normal, because this is getting old.  I like my happy, healthy kids and our nice, normal existence.  Hopefully soon...

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