Saturday, March 15, 2014


So...perhaps this was a bad decision.  It's 2am in Toronto and I'm pretty sure I haven't slept.  Jacob started feeling sick as we were going to bed (rather late) and became stomach bug victim #2 shortly thereafter.  He slept for another couple hours after that before waking up puking, and we've been up ever since cleaning up, waiting for housekeeping, and waiting for the next round--be it him or one of us.  Fortunately Jacob is sleeping now, but for how long?  

Today (or really yesterday at this point) started with the call from daycare that Carter puked again.  He'd been fine since 2am Wednesday, but we'd also heard this illness sometimes came back a couple days later.  Still, I was hoping that he just drank his morning bottle too quick and that would be the end of it.  He stayed at daycare and ended up having a relatively uneventful day, even visiting the pre-toddler room.  

In the meantime, we were trying to make the call on what to do about our planned trip to Toronto.  Jacob was so looking forward to it, even telling his animals about it!  I was honestly worried that if we didn't go, he'd blame Carter and resent him more than he already does.  I haven't been feeling great all week, but I've been hoping that the slight nausea that never turned into anything was as far as the illness was getting in me.  I felt good enough, though, and no worse than earlier in the week.

By the time we picked up the kids, all was well so we headed to Buffalo and dropped off a very sad Carter with my parents.  Fortunately he seems to be recovered, although a bit clingy at times. He cried a lot when we left but he went down to bed fine.  

We headed up to Toronto and I first noticed something was up after dinner when Jacob was very antsy to get on the road.  When he fell asleep almost immediately, and I thought about how abnormally well he slept last night, I started wondering what we might be in for.  Still, Craig had to get to Toronto, so we soldiered on and hoped for the best.  

Jacob woke up a little outside the city and seemed better.  We made it to the hotel and he had plenty of energy, but then he started complaining just before we turned out the light.  He got really miserable before round #1, so we had some warning and managed to contain the mess to one pillow and the recycling bin.  Round #2 a couple hours later came out of nowhere and we had no shot.  It was everywhere.  So we cleaned what we could and waited for maintenance.

At this point I can't sleep.  I'm nervous about Jacob, worried about myself, and wondering how to make our escape.  If we go too early, we risk him still being sick.  If we go too late, we risk me finally falling victim and being stuck here.  Craig has to go to Philly after tomorrow night's game, so either way I'm a bit stuck.  Right now my stomach is fine (maybe a little rumbly, but fine), and yet I have this refluxy feeling where my throat burns.  When I was trying to sleep it almost felt like something was coming up, yet I  don't actually feel sick.  It's very odd.  I keep sipping water to calm the burn.  I don't want to get sick on the way home and I don't want to be sick home alone with two kids.  I also don't want to pass this to my parents. I'm hoping Craig avoids it, too, since he'll be on the road until Sunday night.  It's just a bad situation all around.  

Still, we mostly just have to wait for the morning.  We'll see if Jacob has more episodes, and then one of us will have to venture out for Pedialyte and see how that goes down.  We'll have to make the call by noon if I'm going to venture home or if we need to shell out the big bucks for a late checkout.  This is a nice hotel (Royal York, the team hotel), so it's not cheap. It may be worth the money, but still...this is bad.  No sleep, sick kid, lots of germs...and a long drive from home.

Yup, bad idea.

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