Sunday, March 16, 2014


Jacob's illness lasted into early Saturday, as he woke up around 6am with (mostly) dry heaves.  He felt much better by the morning, after Craig went out to get something for him to drink (in the absence of Gatorade, Vitamin Water had to do).  He drank some of that and kept down some bread (we brought our own). He watched TV and eventually enjoyed some iPad time once it appeared he was past the risk of puking on it.  Craig had to go to practice and I tried to catch up on sleep.  I also had to determine my health status to figure out when we should leave.  My stomach was a little off, but I ate a bit and was good enough.

When Craig got back from practice we finished packing up and headed downstairs.  We decided to walk down the street to the Hockey Hall of Fame store so there was at least one redeeming moment of the trip for Jacob.  We shopped a while but Jacob seemed to be fading a bit.  I stopped in a newsstand to buy a drink and snacks for the drive, and then we headed back to the hotel, grabbed our bags, and hopped in the car, minus Craig.  It really stunk to be leaving, but having to leave him there was even more of a bummer.

I had been all excited to take some pictures of our historic hotel and other sights along the way, but in the end I only took a few photos:
The crazy optical-illusion hallway in our hotel

One view of the classic!

Another view of the lobby...notice the wood ceilings!
The drive back was fine.  Traffic wasn't bad and Jacob slept almost the entire way.  The wait at the bridge was about a half hour, but decent considering it's Canada's March break, I guess.

When we got to my parents', I gave Jacob more bread and Vitamin Water.  He wasn't his energetic self but seemed better.  Carter woke up from his nap and was happy to see me after a day apart.  We hung out for a couple hours to give us a break from the car and give Carter some time post-nap. He gets bored in the car and if he can't sleep he gets very unhappy.  We left around 6pm and headed home.

It was nice to be home, but we had a full evening.  We listened to Craig's broadcast during dinner and I tried to get a cranky Carter to bed ASAP.  Jacob was quite upset that we weren't in Toronto and that Craig wasn't home, so I gave him a little snuggle time before bed as we finished listening to the game.  Even though he was well aware of how sick he'd been, he was worried he won't get another chance to play on the turf there (because the team might move to a smaller arena) and he was just upset that we couldn't make it work.  I think his tiredness made it all worse, but he drove both of us nuts rehashing things over and over.  

This morning Carter woke up cranky, which isn't like him.  He was needy and cried like he was in pain.  My best guesses were his teeth or gas.  He could use a poop, but he wasn't even really trying.  He did let out a lot of toots, but nothing seemed to help.  He took a good nap, but still wasn't himself and lunch was a challenge.  Shortly thereafter I realized he had a fever.  I couldn't put him down and he rested on me most of the rest of the day.  He perked up a bit at dinner and survived a bath, but he's been in bed for a few hours and already woken up twice.

Jacob seems to be closer to normal, but I fear a return of the pukes like Carter had.  I'm feeling better, but I still worry about lingering germs.  Craig will be home late tonight from his double road trip, and will hopefully spend the day tomorrow snuggling Carter.  I just want the yucks out of this house and to get back in a groove.  I hate seeing my kids sick and I worry about what happens if Craig or I follow suit.  Bad nights of little sleep aren't doing us any favors.  It's been a rough week and we're not out of the woods yet.  This weekend just didn't go like we thought it would, and I'm sad about that for all of us.  It held so much promise...and yet here we are, two sicknesses later with one less day in Toronto under our belts.  What a bummer.

Man, I hope this week is a good one!

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