Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekend of One

I will have a full birthday post as soon as I can, but it just can't be tonight because I am exhausted.  It was a great weekend, though, and pretty much everything went at least as well as expected, if not better.  Carter's party was great, the cake turned out awesome, and Jacob was really, really great.  And the best part?  Tomorrow is a day off!  We're probably actually going to send Carter to daycare (sorry, buddy) and give Jacob a day alone with us.  We have a couple potential activities to fill the day, and I think Carter will have more fun with his friends than he would have during some of these activities.  Jacob will appreciate the time alone with us, and once Carter can do it, too, we'll work him into the mix.  Maybe by then we can do things with both kids and have it be just as special as a day alone.  Maybe.

But despite the craziness of preparing for the party and taking the whole show on the road, it was a pretty great couple days.  And I am exhausted.  So no blog post beyond this one because I want to be awake enough to do it justice.  But suffice it to say all went well and I'm still trying to process the fact that Carter is, indeed, a year old.

It hit me tonight that a year ago today marked one of my favorite moments of Carter's early days, and tonight marked one of my hardest.  A year ago this evening was when Carter and I watched the Knighthawks game online, listening to Craig's broadcast that we were afraid might be in jeopardy if Carter came at an inopportune time.  It was Craig's 200th straight broadcast, so it was a big one, and we were lucky it was a home game!  I remember just relaxing that night with my computer and a sleeping baby, enjoying Craig's play-by-play and taking in sweet newborn bliss.  But later that night when I tried to go to sleep, Carter was hungry and insatiable.  I was exhausted after not sleeping much the night before or that day (it's so hard between the baby's needs and the constant vitals checks), and not only was every part of my body (including the source of nourishment) was terribly sore, but I was so tired that I was worried about dropping him or falling asleep with him in my arms.  I was getting desperate and Craig was sleeping at home that night, so I made the tough decision to call in the nurse to take Carter to the nursery.  I just couldn't do it anymore and took the risk that he might have to be supplemented with formula (which was a big deal for me with Jacob--fortunately that didn't end up happening), but I know it was best for both of us.  Once I calmed down and stopped beating myself up, I slept like a deeply, in fact, that when I woke up I had to seriously think about where I was and what I had to do.  Yup, exhausted.  Quite the start, for sure!

Until I get a new post up, enjoy this one random shot from today.  Just a preview of the fun...

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