Monday, February 24, 2014

News & Notes, Is it Spring Yet? Edition

It was snowing here again this morning, which was sort of mean considering we'd had temps in the mid-40s over the weekend.  Of course, the winds were also in the mid-40s, as well, so it was a little hard to enjoy the warmer weather.  The sun helped, though, and it felt good for a couple days.  But now we're heading back into another freeze and more snow and I think the general public is about to lose it.  We've had a couple easy winters here lately, and I think everyone got a little spoiled and forgot what real winter is like.  It's annoying.  And while I'd say that we all just need a real break in the weather--you know, a few sunny days in the 50s--I think that might just make everyone crazier when the weather goes back to normal...or below normal, as the case might be.  I keep trying to tell myself that March starts this weekend and that even though it will still threaten to snow for another month or two after that, the weather HAS to get better soon, right?  God knows that Jacob is craving outside time, and I think he'd actually take flight in jubilation if we actually told him it was nice enough to play outside.  The good news is that the days are getting longer, and one of these days we'll actually come home in honest to goodness daylight.  We're so close!

I really wanted to get Carter's hair cut this weekend, but it was the one thing that got cut due to time and schedules.  I wanted to do it yesterday afternoon, but Carter's nap ran long and Jacob and I were engrossed in his 100th Day of School project, a "100 Mobile", to bother waking Carter up early to head out before the haircut place closed.  I promised Jacob that we could go to the frozen yogurt place that's on the drive back from the haircut place as his reward for sitting through the haircut, particularly since he's got a free coupon from his teacher from Valentine's Day, but we'll just have to either do it in the evening this week or use it next weekend.  Carter's hair is making me a little crazy, and I let that crazy go on too long when Jacob was his age and had the same unfortunate issue--the old man 'do.  It's super short on top and long in the back.  It gets food in it, it stands up funny after sleeping, and it flops over his ears.  I remember after Jacob's first haircut that I realized I should have done it so much sooner!  Turns out based on the blog that Jacob's haircut was only a couple weeks later than this, but that's two weeks less of frustration, right?

As I was looking to see when Jacob's haircut actually took place, I started reading about the weaning process we went through last time.  I've been thinking about that stuff a lot lately with Carter, too, though in a totally different way.   The differences are amazing and I will try to do a post specifically about that soon.  It just blew my mind reading the posts, though!

Predictably, the past couple days with Jacob have been a little challenging.  I knew my blog post would jinx us!  He hasn't been awful, but it's been back to a lot of the defiance and crankiness.  I think some of it may have to do with school being back in session, unfortunately, but we'll just have to see how things go.

I had a last-minute scramble tonight because Jacob's teacher notified us at 5pm tonight that they're doing a food activity for their 100th day of school tomorrow (side note: when did they start celebrating that?  We never did that.), and a few of the foods they're using have gluten.  They're counting out 10 each of 10 different foods, including pretzels, two cereals, and goldfish.  I had to scramble to replace those with what we had on hand--gluten-free pretzels, Kix, Chex, and Skittles.  I also tracked down an old placemat to send with him to cover the table surface he'll be counting on, just in case there was gluten there previously.  I wish I would have had a little more notice, but at least I got it done.  I never realized what a pain food-related things are at school.  Allergy parents have it worse because it's a life and death thing, but geez...this stuff is frustrating.

And now, a few pictures...

Here's Jacob at Glow Golf...blurry, yes, but a cool picture anyway.  I love how the ball glows in his hand.

A close-up of my Valentine's roses.  They were this two-tone pink and a coral color.  Really pretty.

 Here's Jacob with his 100 Day mobile.  He put 100 stick-on stars on 10 ribbons, which we hung on a hanger.  I had to help him with some of the construction, but he did all the counting and stuck on all of the stars in patterns.  He did great!

More soon...

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