Friday, February 7, 2014

News & Notes, Freaky Friday Edition

It was a weird day.  Not in a bad way, just in an out-of-the-ordinary day.  First, today was my last day at the desk I've sat at for about 7-1/2 years.  Yesterday was my eight-year anniversary at my job, which is crazy to me.  That is a long time considering I had no idea if I would even like this job when I took it.  I pretty much had no choice at the time since my boss completely alienated me the day after I interviewed for this job.  So while I was on my way out, a confrontation with him cemented it and I swore that if I got offered the job, I'd take it.  And I did.  It all worked out pretty well, I think.  Anyway, about eight months after I got there our office moved across the street, and I was thrilled to see my new view overlooking the river.  Well, today was my last day with that view.  I had to have my desk packed up by noon in preparation for a move across the office.  I won't have a window view any longer, but I can look around the corner out my boss' window.  The new view is north toward the lake.  Not as pretty as there's some city ickiness, but it has its charms. 

Anyway, once my desk was packed up, I headed out for my normal Friday lunch, but we went to a different spot--across the street to the Sibley Building, which used to be a giant downtown department store and is now home to a city campus for the community college, among other things.  They're sprucing it up right now in preparation for adding residential space, and this week it's been host to a giant balloon sculpture--a five-story-high depiction of Jack and the Beanstalk.  It uses something like 50,000 balloons, and it sure was impressive. 

After lunch I headed home, since I didn't have an office to hang out in.  I stopped at BJ's on the way home to renew my office's membership that I manage, then worked for a couple hours at home in the quiet while watching my DVR'ed Biggest Loser finale.  The winner definitely looks too thin, for the record.  I like that show, even if it's not perfect, but I think she took it a little too far.  Anyway...

I went to pick up Carter (Craig grabbed Jacob on his way home) and stopped at the party store to look for first birthday stuff.  I can't believe his birthday (and the party) is a mere week away!  Anyway, I didn't have much luck with the stuff I was looking for, like a special cake plate (got one cheap for Jacob there) or a couple things for the cake itself, but I did stumble upon some paper goods on clearance, meaning I spent a grand total of $7.56 for enough 1st birthday plates and napkins to get us through the party.  Pretty awesome.

I made some pizza for dinner (finally found a gluten-free crust we can all agree on--yes!  And it's pre-made and cheap--double yes!!), hung out for a bit as a family, and then Craig headed out to Knighthawks practice.  Jacob and I watched the Olympic opening ceremonies (holy questions, Batman!) while I fed Carter, and then Jacob went down without incident, too. 

Jacob got his report card today, which is always an adventure.  I remarked on Facebook that I never saw myself dreading report card day, but I do now.  I don't really understand half of the codes they use in it, though, but I can read the comments just fine, which tell the full story.  It's not a pretty one.  Pretty much all of them revolve around Jacob's trouble following directions, being distracted, and not being able to complete his work.  It's not fun stuff to read, and it makes all of this evaluation business that much more real.  There's no doubt that he's going to have special needs in school, since many of the comments indicate he can't stay focused without one-to-one help.  I'm not sure what form that will take just yet, but it's definitely a sobering read.  The good news, though, is that he is slowly but surely learning to read!  It's a process, but I can see that he's learning and it's exciting watching him pick this stuff up.  And as I mentioned the other day, his artwork has been impressive as well.  It's so great to see little glimmers of awesomeness in the midst of the troubling stuff. 

Carter is doing better these days.  His antibiotics are done and he seems back to normal.  He's still not finishing his bottles most of the time, but I sort of wonder if he's starting to get close to weaning off of them.  Breastfeeding was so different, so this process is new.  I'm sort of waiting for his well visit to get advice for transitioning to milk (I don't want to overwhelm his system with dairy in case his tolerance isn't quite there yet), and making sure he's getting the calories he needs.  He's such a skinny little dude, even though he looks so long.  I don't want to start taking away his opportunities to eat just because he seems less interested in bottles, but I'm not sure he can make up for it with solid foods because we're still taking things slow.  He eats lots of meat (chicken (nuggets and grilled strips), ham, even a meatball!), mini bagels (which I'm dipping in the baby food we have left, since he's mostly rejecting the purees now), yogurt melts, cheese, Kix and Cheerios, and some fruits and cooked veggies.  We tried pasta but he's not too impressed with that yet.  I'm sort of using him as my gluten finisher, since we have a few things left and he can't eat most of what we eat because of the rice flour in almost every gluten-free item.  He and I will be sharing bread for the next couple weeks, too, I think, since my office microwave is out of commission during our renovation, and there's no sense using all of the gluten-free bread for my lunches. 

The crazy thing about Carter is that he's getting so close to standing!  I'd have to look back to see when Jacob started, but I don't see any signs of it in the posts from around a year.  Jacob was saying "uh-oh" around a year, though, and while Carter has been making sounds for a long time now, we still haven't had any real words.  I keep hoping for "mama", because he can say it, but it still hasn't been directed at me.  But the standing thing blows my mind a bit.  Jacob didn't walk for real until 16 months, and getting him to stand usually took a lot of distraction.  Carter has only done it for a couple seconds at a time (also usually when distracted), but he's doing it!  He gets a kick out of flopping back to me, but I think he'll get there sooner than we expected.  We'll see if walking follows suit.  In the meantime, he's showing us his stubborn side, constantly going after Jacob's stuff and giving us an ear-piercing scream whenever we're not paying enough attention to him or when he's unhappy with whatever we're doing.  Jacob did the scream thing as well, and it is painful (literally).  It's also embarrassing when it happens in public.  People at Wegmans were probably wondering what I was doing to him the other day.  Shushes don't work yet and it's so hard to teach babies.  I just want to get him to start talking so he can communicate in another way! 

Anyway, this week is going to be all about settling into my new workspace and prepping for the party.  I have a couple crafty projects I want to do (party and Valentine's-related), and I need to get Jacob to buckle down and work on his valentines for school.  Ugh.  I have no idea how we're going to celebrate Valentine's Day at home aside from one gift we've set aside for Jacob.  Craig might be headed off to Toronto by then, and perhaps we'll be heading to Buffalo.  Thank you, Valentine's Day, for conveniently making Carter's birthday haul a little more tolerable for his big brother.  Is it weird that I'm hesitant to leave Friday because I want Carter's official 12-month photo to take place on his birthday on his chair at our house?  Who am I kidding, I probably won't be ready Friday anyway!  Should be an interesting week, that's for sure!

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