Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Night of Firsts

Tonight Carter had three firsts!  Of course, none of them were the ones we're really waiting for, first words or first steps, but one was still pretty significant--his first haircut!

The first "first" of the night was his first McDonald's burger.  We don't go out to eat much, and certainly not to well-tested gluten-free-friendly places.  Well, getting Carter's haircut done necessitated fast food out (because we tried to do it after a quick at-home dinner on Monday and it did not work), and McDonald's was the closest place.  They CAN do gluten-free, though it's always a bit of a risk...and confuses the heck out of them in the process.  But they do it and so far it's seemed to go well.  So, it's not a perfect option, but it works.  Jacob gets a cheeseburger with no bun, plus the fries and apples in the Happy Meal.  Tonight's "toy" was a Lego Movie!  Carter didn't eat a ton (as has been the trend the last few days), but he did seem to like the burger.  I think everything else was just too distracting!

After dinner we headed to the barber, which is the same place we got Jacob's first haircut done.  It's sports themed so we hoped there would be enough distractions to get us through a five minute haircut.  The first haircut always seems like a bit of a waste, but the old man look is brutal.  Jacob had it, too, and the thick, fly-away hair on the bottom looks so odd compared to the thin hair up top.  I don't have a really good picture of the ridiculousness, but the extra unfortunate placement of this picture gives you an idea of the problem.

This one shows it a bit, too...after she started wetting it down to cut.
Look behind his ear in particular...
He did great!  He was a little squirmy and moved his head from side to side a lot, but he didn't cry!  I will take it!

Handsome boy all done!  It changes the shape of his head and makes him look a little more polished, if you can say that about a baby!

Notice he's holding the comb.  She gave that to him as a last-ditch effort to distract him :)
It was quick and painless, and I'm so relieved to have it done.  An envelope with a few pieces of soft hair is sitting on his baby book right now :)

After that, the bribe to get Jacob to deal with going was to take his free yogurt certificate to a local yogurt place.  I'll admit they make me a little nervous with cross contamination and all that, but we avoided the yogurts with gluten and tried to work around the toppings.  They weren't labeled but we know more or less what works.  Cross contamination is always a worry, but sometimes you just have to cross your fingers and hope things are as they're supposed to be.  We couldn't have that ability if this were a peanut allergy, for example, but right now he doesn't seem that impacted by cross contamination, so I think in some cases it's worth the minor risk.  We all enjoyed our yogurt, and even Carter got to enjoy some!  He wasn't too sure when that cold stuff first hit his lips, but he decided pretty quickly it was yummy and was shrieking a bit at me to keep it coming.  Of course, I forgot I should have left some yogurt untouched by toppings because I had to avoid the nut-based toppings as I gave him bites.  Oops.  I mean, he's probably safe-ish at this point, but his intolerance issues and eczema make me nervous nonetheless.  Jacob didn't have peanuts until he was, what, three?  I don't know if I plan to wait that long now, but it's still scary.  We don't need anymore food issues, let alone one that serious.

Anyway, it was fun.  So fun that both boys took little cat naps on the way home.  They still went down okay, thankfully.  Jacob is back to his difficult self again and I am trying so hard to figure out what made the difference.  He's back to being selfish, purposely annoying, loud, full of potty talk, prone to hitting, and generally challenging over the most random stuff.  It's so frustrating.  We're managing, but after such a good week last week, it really makes you wonder.  It doesn't seem like anything he ate could have made a difference, but I guess you never know.  Still no word back on the blood work, though.

Carter is as playful and goofy as ever.  He loves being chased (oh boy) and he really likes climbing stairs.  Thankfully he's pretty good at it when he stays focused, but obviously we don't want him doing it without us there.  I'd rather he learn and get good at it, but it's nerve wracking.  I need to get video of him playing in his little tunnel (that was converted from his playmat), because he is so hilarious when he's in there.  His laugh just cracks me up.  What a ham!

So, not a bad night as a whole...I'll take it.

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