Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Update

Craig was home this weekend, and we had nowhere to go.  I can't even tell you how rare that is, and as normal as it feels to have a weekend like that, it feels so strange when it actually happens.  Once we get past the next few weeks, we'll have a lot more of those until November or so, but then it's back to the solo parenting weekends.  I don't mind them, but there's a lot we don't get to do as a family without that free time, and a lot I don't get to tackle when I'm home alone.  And because those weekends are so rare, when we do finally have them, inevitably we do a lot of resting up.  We did have activities planned, but there was plenty of downtime, which was much needed.

We all slept in a bit on Saturday, and I got up with Carter around 8, I think.  After we all ate some breakfast, I popped him in the swing, site of many of his marathon naps, so I could shower and go out to do some yard work.  Without Jacob's afternoon naps and with a baby to take care of, our yard has definitely taken a bit of a beating.  Craig has done his best to keep up with mowing and trimming this summer, which has been great (after all, the boys use the yard a lot for baseball now), but the flower beds and bushes have definitely gotten overgrown.  I spent a good two hours out in the beautiful weather doing a little of everything--ripping out giant weeds, pulling smaller weeds, hacking away at some bushes, cutting down little baby trees, etc.  It was exhausting work, but I made a good dent.  I could use a couple more hours to do some weed killing and thin out some of the greenery in the way back of our yard, but it was a good start, at least.  I filled a couple large bags with stuff, and things look a lot better. 

While I was out there, I found out that our elderly neighbor had passed away.  He was about 90, and up until pancreatic cancer took him down he had been quite lively and active around his yard.  He was always very sweet to Jacob (though he called him David and I didn't have the heart to correct him).  He has a large garden and it was always fun to see him tooling around the neighborhood in his golf cart.  His wife has been in a nursing home for nearly two years with Alzheimer's.  I will be sad to see the house get sold to someone else, but as Jacob said, "Maybe they will have kids!"  I did check out his garden while I was out in the yard and picked a number of overgrown cucumbers.  There were also a couple dozen butternut squashes ripe for the picking, but I left them alone since I'm not entirely sure what the ideal size is for those.  I left what I picked on his patio table and hoped his family would find some use for them.  He actually gave us a couple of them probably a day or two before he died.  They were also overgrown, and we have some perfect ones from friends that I still need to use, but I can't bring myself to toss them now.

Jacob and I went in the pool for a bit in the afternoon, but it was awfully chilly.  It felt good after being so sweaty from the yard work, but I couldn't get over how cool it was despite it being August and us having left the pool cover on all this time.  The refreshment only lasted a little while before I got cold, so we headed back into the house to get ready for that night's Red Wings game.  It was Greece Little League night, which meant that Jacob got to go on the field before the game!  The showing was pretty poor, though, as there was maybe only a dozen kids or so.  Jacob was the only kid from his team there.  Still, it was fun to go out there.

Walking out!

Random pic I secretly took!

Testing his said 40, but we're pretty sure it was an error.  Mid-20s are more his speed!

We had a fun night overall.  The weather was nice, Carter was cooperative, and we headed out in the 8th inning before the kids got too cranky.  Of course, we missed a major comeback in the 10th inning and a big win in the 12th, but I would have been cursing the extra innings had we attempted to stick around for the postgame fireworks!

We got up for church the next morning, and then Craig and Jacob shuffled off to a birthday party for one of Jacob's friends.  It was at the same place where Jacob's soccer thing had been (remember, the one that ended on Valentine's Day, the night before Carter was born?), and he went prepared for anything--with his soccer stuff and his baseball stuff.  Only Jacob.  I don't have any pictures, though, because I stayed home with Carter. 

Carter and I ended up going out shopping to Kohl's for a few things.  I wanted to check on a couple things in general, and I really wanted to go look for some Spanx-type stuff to smooth me out for the dress I bought for my cousin's wedding (among other things).  It's official--I just don't get those things.  No matter what size I put on, they squeeze me way too much and I end up with bulges in the weirdest spots.  I've tried on a few here and there but I'm just not finding what I want.  I did find one pair that were a little less constricting, so there weren't any bulges, but I'm also not sure it makes the dress look any better so I'm not convinced I'm keeping it.  After feeding Carter and escaping the Intimates section, I ventured over to the kids' clothes.  I browsed for Carter, but he's now well stocked for the summer (thanks to some awesome online shopping from Kohl's and The Children's Place) after outgrowing nearly all of Jacob's hand-me-downs (since Jacob was only about three months old when summer ended).  I'm also not sure what to buy him for next year since I have all of those hand-me-downs waiting, but I can't remember how much I had for 12 months vs. 18 months.  It was way more fun when I knew I needed everything! 

Of course, I still need everything for Jacob, so when I wandered across the aisle to the boys section, I hit the jackpot.  I got him an orange Nike shirt (might be Dri-Fit...feels like it, anyway), two superhero t-shirts, a pair of reversible Nike sports shorts, a pair of pajama pants with MLB logos, and two double sets of pajamas, one in each of two different sizes, both with long pants and short sleeves.  One set is superheroes, and those will fit him for the fall.  The other set is Lego Star Wars, and those should fit him either next spring or the following fall.  Each double set was less than $12, making them less than $6 per set!  The rest of the stuff was cheap as well, though I haven't decided what is going to be a Christmas gift vs. regular clothes.  My policy on that, by the way, is that if it's something he needs, like PJs, I just give it to him, but if it's something extra cool (like the pajama pants), then it can be a gift.  Oh, and I also got him two of the $5 Curious George books they have right now--one for a Christmas gift, and one as a first day of school gift (because, of course, it's George's first day of school, too).

After all of that, I wandered over to my section to see if I could fill in any holes in my post-pregnancy wardrobe (i.e., something that doesn't cling to my belly).  There were racks upon racks of clearance clothes, and among them I managed to find four things--a dress, a 3/4 sleeve navy blue cardigan that will be good for spring/fall layering, a plain fuchsia modal long-sleeved t-shirt ($4), and a cute (and very different for me) orange shirt with a bit of a bohemian vibe.  The dress was the big splurge among them at just over $20 (down from $96), but it's super cute in a very flattering style and should translate to winter just fine.  All told, I spent $126 (and it might be down to just over $100 if I take back the shaper thing), but it was a total savings of over $300!  I know that's super-inflated because nothing ever sells there full price, but that was pretty darn impressive nonetheless, and everything will get solid use.  I'm still giddy about the PJs because I cringe every time I see a $15 pair of pajamas in the store.

We grilled up some chicken for dinner and did our best to get the kids in bed early.  Jacob had baseball tonight, and I'm currently freaking out about some blisters I ended up with on my hands and feet after my yard work on Saturday.  At first I thought they were just from weed pulling, and then I thought maybe some plant did it, even though those parts were covered, but now I'm worried that it might be related to an outbreak of hand foot and mouth disease at daycare.  I don't know if I had it as a kid, but even if I did I wonder if it's like chicken pox where you can get it again if it was a light case.  The tiny blisters on my hands and feet (about a dozen in all) hurt and definitely look a little like hand food and mouth, but it's hard to tell.  I'm worried about passing it along to Carter (even if he'll probably get it eventually anyway--Jacob had it around 18 months), because even though complications are rare, I can't imagine it's good for a 5-1/2 month old to get it.  But it may be too late.  Carter has been a little cranky and needy the last couple days, but it's hard to tell if he's teething, or if something else is bothering him.  We'll know in the next few days, I guess. 

Just a couple more things to reward you for getting through this post...
Grandma and Grandpa came to see Jacob play last Thursday.  He had a good game as usual and earned a game ball!

Look at that sweet face!

Such a smiley boy!

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