Saturday, August 17, 2013

Week in Photos

Sorry my posts have been limited lately.  I've been trying to get things done in the evenings, and half the time I've been falling asleep anyway.  Life is just exhausting right now, I guess.  We've had a busy week in general.  Evenings were crazy all week long. 

Speaking of tired...check out these pictures of my sleepy boys...
Carter actually fell asleep with the rattle like that.

The boys fell asleep like this last weekend.  Jacob jumped up on the couch and sat there, and shortly thereafter he was asleep.  I don't know how either of them were comfortable enough to sleep, but they did.
This one is of Carter at Jacob's baseball game.  Note that his fingers are intertwined with the rattle again.  Silly kid.
Now for a few other pics from the week...
Jacob on the bench waiting for his turn to hit.
Playing out in the field with Daddy coaching nearby...
We only have one game left, plus his picnic next weekend.  It's been fun, but I will gladly take two weeknights back, even if it means I actually have to cook. 

On Wednesday my office did our annual summer outing.  It was fun to be out for the day.  We went to lunch along the river downtown, then took a boat ride up the Genesee River to the Erie Canal.  It was a cool ride and it was fun to see things from that angle.  I've driven by so many places along the route before, but never seen it all from that vantage point.  The pictures I took of the city were all postcard-worthy.  It was a cool, breezy day, but once the sun came out it was perfect.
The city in all its glory...
After I got home, we all took off for Batavia to see a Muckdogs game on mascot night.  The Knighthawks mascot, R. Thunder, was there.  We met up with Craig's brother's family, and the kids had a blast with the mascots...
Jacob, Luke and Grant with Spikes, R. Thunder, and Finnley

The three boys sticking their heads in the shark's mouth
The game at dusk...I just liked how this one turned out.
On Friday my boss kidnapped our group and took us to lunch in Geneva, which is right on Seneca Lake (one of the Finger Lakes).  The town was so cute, and with a little more time I'd probably have snapped a ton of pictures.  However, I only managed to grab this shot, which I love.  We ate at a little café that's British-themed.  Their specialty is tea, but their food was fantastic.  I had two mini quiches and three fantastic little pastries.  But I loved the funky flowers on the tables, and I captured this one perfectly... 

It was a busy week, with more busyness today.  I'll have an update on that soon, hopefully tomorrow.  One big milestone to report, if nothing else!

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