Friday, August 16, 2013

Six Months!

It's amazing to think about, but six months ago right now I was cradling my newborn baby boy.  And now he's a big six-month-old little boy--half a year old and half a year away from his first birthday!  I can't believe how fast these months have gone.  It doesn't seem like that long ago that I was pregnant.  Heck, even the fact that I was pregnant and feeling spectacularly crappy a year ago right now is pretty crazy to think about.  But here we are.

Six months brings solid foods, sunscreen, and stroller walks with the big kids at daycare.  Crawling and teeth are right around the corner, and maybe even a word or two.  Everybody loves his smiles and marvels at how happy he is.  He seems to be getting a little fussier and a little squirmier at times, so I can tell he's getting older and more aware of his surroundings, but I am soaking up every minute of this phase.  I love having a baby that's so happy to see me, who doesn't move much or talk back, and who can still be a sweet, cuddly kid.  Seeing Jacob as a very difficult big boy has made me so appreciative of this phase, even though I'd love to get real hugs, hear real words, and see him learn and experience a million new things.  I will gladly wait a bit if it means enjoying this sweet baby boy minus the normal pitfalls of parenthood.

He loves his toes, chews everything, and likes to sleep on his side.  He can roll to his belly and lift his head, but while he has rolled back before, it is still a challenge and he can get cranky and stuck...unlike his big brother who loved to sleep on his belly at this age.  He's working hard on sitting up and can lean on a toy for a bit before toppling over.  The jumperoo is his favorite, and he bounces like a mad man.

Seeing his smile every morning is the highlight of my day. His giggle is infectious.  His chubby thighs and cheeks are amazing, and his darker features still boggle my mind every day.  He is so happy, so handsome, and the best sleeper I could ask for.  He loves to be lifted high over my head and loves to be standing.  

I know that harder times will come, but for now I feel so blessed to be his mommy.  These first six months have been amazing, and I can only pray that the next six months and beyond are equally awesome.  

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