Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Smiley boy!

I'd been trying for a while to get good pictures of Carter smiling.  He does it a lot these days, though sometimes it's random and sometimes it's in direct response to us.  It's still a little hit and miss, but usually when he gets going he'll smile for a while.  It's so awesome!  Usually the changing table is a good bet, which is ironic considering the poor kid screamed through every diaper change for the first 7-8 weeks of his life.  He's pretty unphased now, and probably relieved because his butt is no longer full of oozing sores.  The diaper rash has pretty much cleared up, thank goodness.  It's still a bit of a delicate situation because one bad poop without adequate protection (as happened late last week) can rapidly start him back down the path.  Fortunately we managed to contain it again, but man, it can go downhill quick.  It makes me sad to see a little bit of skin discoloration where the sores were, but hopefully those scars will heal.  And at least the sores aren't there anymore.  So, no wonder the kid is now happier during changes--he knows how bad it can be!
Anyway, all weekend I was stalking him during his happy times to try to capture his smiles.  He moves so much that it's hard to catch him without a blur, but I finally got a few!

I couldn't decide between those last two, despite how similar they are, so you get both!  You can't see it very well here, but when he smiles his cheeks have this little extra roundness, almost like high cheekbones or something.  You can almost see it in the second one.  Carter's at a bit of a disadvantage in comparison to Jacob because Jacob had his dimple, which made every smile extra swoon-worthy.  So, while the high cheekbones (or whatever) aren't a major feature, I was happy to see something that set his smile apart.  Regardless, it is beyond cute.  He was trying to laugh last night, too, which is so adorable.  I can't wait for the first good belly laugh!

Everyone is saying how chubby he looks, but I swear, that's just his face.  He's got those round cheeks, but the rest of him is still pretty skinny.  He's getting a little chub on his thighs now, but he is still a super skinny little boy, just like his big brother.  But he's healthy and I wouldn't expect anything less given his gene pool.  Jacob ended up with a pretty chubby looking face at times, too, but he obviously thinned out a lot and I'm sure Carter will too.  I still have trouble figuring out if they look alike.  I think parts of them do, and certainly certain faces, but they are definitely unique in their own ways.  We still don't know where Carter's coloring came from, since that dark hair is still hanging in there in the back!

Anyway, it's been nice to see the smiles come out.  It's the first hint of a real personality and one of the first ways you can feel like you're getting to know your baby and communicate directly with them.  And if it gives me a some nice wallpaper for my computer, so be it!

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