Monday, May 20, 2013

Catching Up with Jacob

One month from today, Jacob turns five.  FIVE.  I've been documenting his life for nearly five years, and it absolutely boggles my mind that we've come this far.  Kindergarten seemed a lifetime away when he was a baby, and now it's just a few months away.  He's this big, gangly kid.  He's super skinny, because he's too active to keep any meat on his bones.  Something happened in the six months or so while I was too pregnant to lift him, where he's now suddenly almost impossible for me to carry.  He still loves sports more than anything else, and he's very serious about them...right down to his baseball cleats and soccer shin guards.  His imagination runs wild these days when he's playing with his toys--he loves his Legos, Playmobil guys, and his hockey guys.  He's got a giant independent/defiant streak.  He's always known how he wants things to be and will accept nothing else.  Morning arguments about clothes happen almost daily, mostly because he always wants sports pants or shorts and the available ones never seem to match the shirt featuring the sport he wants.  He's big on drama and asks a million questions.  He suddenly loves to draw and color, and he's pretty good at it, too.  He likes asking how words are spelled, and he often likes to write letters, but he often writes things in a total mirror image.  He can be the sweetest little boy, but he's definitely a handful.  His adorable dimple is still intact, but there are days it boggles my mind to think he's the same tiny baby I held in my arms five years ago.

For all the talk there is about how younger siblings get the shaft as far as documenting their lives via baby book or photos, I'll admit that Jacob has probably gotten the shaft since Carter's arrival.  I look through my photos and feel a little bad because there are not many of him.  Are we going to look back on the first few months of Carter's life and wonder where the heck Jacob was and what he looked like?  Admittedly, it's not all my fault.  Jacob isn't the most accommodating when it comes to picture taking, so often it's not even worth trying because I know he won't sit still or give me a good smile.  I really should spend more time covertly documenting his Lego escapades or taking video when he's outside hitting balls with Daddy, but my hands are often pretty full these days.  When he's occupied I'm either managing Carter or getting done what I can around the house.  Those bottles are not going to wash themselves!  He'd also prefer to be with Daddy most of the time anyway.  I suppose I just end up with less moments to capture for posterity.  The everyday moments don't always jump out at you as special, but now that I'm on kid #2 I'm starting to realize how important it is to document those as well.

In general Jacob just hasn't gotten a lot of attention on the blog since Carter's arrival, again because I don't get a lot of time to spend with him, and when I do there's often some sort of argument or frustrating interaction that goes along with it, which just seems to spoil the mood.  I also don't want to harp on Jacob's frequent inability to listen or cooperate, so I probably don't even vent here as much as I could.  He can be a great kid, which probably makes the frustrating moments that much more frustrating since it doesn't have to be that way. 

But when he's being good, he can be so great.  He's very social and he says the funniest things sometimes.  He's very passionate about things.  And when he plays by himself, he can be so imaginative.  The other day when he was home sick, I was getting dressed and could hear him playing downstairs with his hockey guys.  I decided this was a perfect slice of life to take video of.
 The jury's still out on whether or not he will follow in Daddy's broadcasting footsteps, but tell me this is not awesome...

I need to pay more attention to continuing to showcase Jacob on this blog in addition to his little brother.  Both boys continue to amaze me every day--it's just that Carter is a little more accommodating on the picture front!  I'm glad I have this clip because years from now I will watch it and marvel at the little boy he is now.  Time is going so fast, and it's leaving me in disbelief.  The countdown is on...

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