Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Three Months!

Hard to believe that three months ago right now I was nearing my last few pushes to bring this little man into the world...

And here we are three months later with this adorable smiley baby!  He was so good at the beginning of this month's photo shoot--big smiles!  His face is so much more expressive this month!  He's been very chatty and is still the darling of the room at daycare.  I can't believe how big he's getting and how much he's changing.  It's all happening so fast!  Hard to believe we've halfway to solid foods and a third of the way to crawling.  He's so sweet, he's a great sleeper, and he is so handsome!  We are so lucky!

In other news, Jacob is still sick.  The strep test came back negative and the doctor said it's a stomach bug.  It seemed to have moved south in his system after throwing up again this morning, and he kept food and water down all day.  Because it had moved south, the doctor said the throwing up should be done.  His energy seemed back and we gave him a bland dinner, but a little beyond the BRAT diet since things had been staying down.  But tonight he woke up puking an hour after he went to bed, so now we're back to square one.  I need to see if they're sending his culture out for the non-rapid test, because I still have a hunch it will come back positive.  The fact that stuff is staying down and then suddenly coming back up after 12 hours (it's happened that way twice now) is so confusing.  I'm very concerned any of the rest of us are going to get it, which would be horrible for Carter regardless, bad for Craig since he needs to go on the road for work, and very bad for me since I'll be alone with the kids for the next couple days and we have the Christening coming up Sunday.  I haven't gotten anything really done yet for it, and I'm definitely worried.  Ugh.

Speaking of which, time to get a couple more things done before bed...and I desperately need sleep.  Maybe I'll get a nap or something tomorrow since I'll be home with the sick little man.  I guess that's a bright side.  Please pray the rest of us get through this unscathed... 

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