Saturday, May 18, 2013

Best Baby Ever

I'm totally going to jinx myself writing this post--and in fact, after I pondered writing it today, Carter came down with a cold--but it needs to be said...he is an amazing little baby.  He is so good.  I have probably been taking it for granted, but believe me, I have been enjoying every bit. 

It's hard to remember exactly what we went through with Jacob.  I use the blog as a guide, but I didn't blog every single moment (hard to believe, eh?) so I don't remember exactly how challenging he was at certain times.  But Carter is so good that I can't imagine he could be beat.  I'd love to take credit for it, but I'm sure it's not me.  He's just a good baby. 

Most notably, he goes to sleep so well.  For pretty much his entire life, once he's swaddled and a little drowsy and I lay him in his crib, he goes to sleep...or at worst, makes noise for a little bit and then goes to sleep.  He rarely cries.  I can think of two times when I've had to send Craig in at night to soothe him because I couldn't do it anymore.  Two.  That's nothing.  Whether it's bedtime, a middle of the night feeding, or putting him back down for a little nap in between his morning feeding and when it's time to get ready for daycare, he rarely makes a peep. 

He's been sleeping through the night for weeks.  He's woken up early a couple times, but usually falls back to sleep after a minute or two.  I don't have to manage his naps as much anymore now that he's at daycare, but I'd venture he logs a heck of a lot more long naps than Jacob ever did. 

While he's had fussy periods around dinnertime, he rarely gets too miserable for too long.  Usually when he's crying he's either hungry, tired, or just wants a little attention.  I'm not sure if dirty diapers bother him, but sometimes I think a change distracts him enough to get him off his cranky streak, even if it was caused by something else.  A little rocking and butt-patting usually calm a fussy spell. 

He's smiley and sweet.  He likes a good snuggle and finally learned to enjoy the changing table.  He makes the funniest little noises and is starting to move his arms and legs so much.  He's still not much into playing, but he likes to look around and is getting better at grabbing. 

He gets cranky when he's hungry and can't be calmed until he eats, but beyond that, his moods are pretty easy to manage.  He's a good eater.  He's a favorite at daycare.  I long to get done with work just to have a few hours to snuggle him and kiss his chubby cheeks.  I obviously love Jacob, too, but there is something so special about a baby that doesn't talk back and thinks you're the coolest person ever.  Whereas half of my time with Jacob is spent arguing about one thing or another, my time with Carter is nearly all pure bliss.

I know this phase is probably limited.  Teething, illnesses, and developmental milestones lead to lost sleep, cranky moments, and eventually, disobedience.  But for now, I am so content with my sweet, happy little boy.  I'm so sad he's getting his first cold just in time for his Christening on Sunday, but by this time Jacob had already been sick for a full month and was routinely woken up by coughing fits.  I'm so grateful we haven't had to go through that this time.  Every kid has their own challenges--reflux and the milk sensitivity this time--but I truly can't complain.  Carter has been amazing.  I love him so much and feel so lucky to have him.  I said that I wouldn't even consider having another baby unless this one was an absolute angel.  We're very early into this new baby thing, and there's still pretty much no chance I want to do this again, but I'll tell ya, the kid is making a pretty good case for making himself into a middle child.  Again, probably not happening, but he's about as good of a baby as he could be...and I know we'd never get that lucky again.  I'll just be grateful for what we have and leave well enough alone! 

Anyway, I just wanted to say what a good baby he's been so it's recorded for posterity.  Someday I will either use this as proof that baby behavior is a good indicator of future personality, or I will use it to remind myself that he was once the sweetest baby who brought me such joy.  I pray this trend continues, but I know we'll have our moments like we do with Jacob.  I'll just enjoy this while I can and thank God for his mercy on my already tired self!  We are so blessed.

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