Thursday, March 24, 2011

Up and Down

It's been a roller coaster week behavior-wise. It actually started out really well. I have no idea if it was the sticker chart at daycare, or just that Jacob literally seemed to be "getting it" more and more. He wasn't perfect, by any means, but he was pretty good most of the time and I was actually having fun with him, so that was a good sign. He had consistently gotten three or four stickers out of five at daycare all week, and even got the elusive Listening sticker the last couple days. That's huge. I made sure to tell him a bunch that I was proud of him and how happy it made me that he was listening and being a good boy. I told him how much fun I was having with him, and how his good behavior was the reason. On days when he got four stickers or got his listening sticker, he'd get a treat, usually a jellybean or two. Sounds small, but they're special and he really likes them so it seems to work. Perhaps that will be our next potty training tactic.

Even if it's been taking some effort to get him to eat his dinner, he's been eating it. And that brought another reward--either a cookie or M&M's. So much for all those experts that say not to use food as a reward. Oh well. As I mentioned, we have still been holding his hockey sticks for ransom. He got one back with his first four-sticker day, and despite a couple close calls, he managed to keep it all week. Until last night. More on that in a bit.

Having him behave so well brought such peace to my world. Less yelling, less fighting, and much more fun. It really made the week very pleasant. It was such a sharp contrast to how he was acting before that it made me wonder if it was caused by him being sick (he's had some sort of cold for a while...starting to think we should go to the doctor, though it's been better lately), or if he just started understanding that his behavior was a problem, or what. There's just no way to know. But I wasn't really questioning it...just enjoying it.

Well, then last night happened. As usual he was a little difficult at daycare pickup. He'd gotten four stickers so I said he could get another hockey stick back. He's been nearly obsessed with the book fair setup at daycare this week, and he's been asking for books. I'm planning on getting him at least one, and I said he could get another one if he got all five stickers. Well, first he wouldn't leave the table (or kept running back to it) when I was trying to get his boots and coat on, and then he kept looking at these darn books--there are two Spongebob Squarepants books about sports, one soccer and one baseball, that I am refusing to get him. Spongebob, or "Bob", as we call him, is a bit more mature of a character than I want for Jacob right now, sports or not.

Anyway, once we finally got out of daycare amidst much kicking and screaming (literally), we had to go to Wegmans. It all started out easy enough, but then he got going--kicking off his boots, taking off his socks, grabbing things from the shelves, yelling, hitting, trying to grab things out of the cart....all culminating in the piece de resistance, when he grabbed my stack of coupons from the ledge at the register and threw them. Seriously?! And to top it all off, because of that and trying to get his boots on, I missed that the checker didn't give me the full discount for a free coupon I had. Ugh!

So, long story short, he lost the hockey stick he was supposed to get back, as well as the one he's had all week. For the rest of the evening he generally got on my nerves. Lots of screaming (on both sides, actually), lots of issues at dinner (though, again, he ate most of his food), and staying awake in his bed until long after 10pm. Lately he's been wanting to go on the potty after bedtime, and that's a tough conundrum. I don't want to let him push off bedtime (I've nixed bedtime water all together), but I also don't want to squash any attempts to use the potty. He's ended up pooping in his diaper late at night or overnight a couple times this week, which worries me to no end since it sets the stage for poop painting when he gets bored. I was hoping we'd avoid that since he seemed to poop mostly during the day. I guess it's good that poopy diapers have been keeping him up, since it would seem to indicate that he doesn't like the feeling, but that hasn't really seemed to bother him much during the day. Sometimes I think potty training is never going to happen. We may have to ignore the fact that he poops in his diapers completely, because he currently seems to think it's funny to do that. Maybe that's our starting point for the jellybeans.

Tonight was more of the same. He only got one sticker at daycare, and although he was good with Craig at a public skate with the Amerks tonight, he was difficult for the rest of the evening. It's not even that he's directly bad...he just pushes buttons. He knows he's being mischievous, but instead of understanding that it makes us unhappy, he just keeps going. It's brutal. It's so frustrating that it's like night and day, and I just can't figure out what the difference is. Maybe it's a subtle build-up of sleep deprivation. Maybe he just fell back into old habits. Regardless of what it is, I guess I'll finally have to dig into that Supernanny book I got from the library. Maybe the weekend will be better.

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You have always loved roller coasters! I so wish we could help more!