Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Short(ish) Shots

- I spent much of the morning staring out my window at work. I could literally see Jacob's field trip destination from my desk, just a couple blocks over. His daycare has a membership at the Strong National Museum of Play, so they go there once in a while. Jacob gets excited when he sees the little white bus--fully equipped with carseats--sitting in the daycare parking lot. Usually it means a field trip isn't far off. Recently they had to replace the bus' battery, so this one was a bit delayed, but today was the day. Whenever Jacob noticed the bus, he'd tell me that he wanted me to come on the field trip with him. Cue the Mommy Guilt. But oh, how I'd like to. Based on previous experiences at the museum, the thought of chaperoning a trip there is a little stressful, but I have a feeling they must have a very controlled method that keeps the kids manageable. It's hard enough to not lose one or two kids when they're all you have, but dealing with ten? It's hard to imagine. The trips are always short as they need to get there at 10am and get back by lunchtime and naptime, but Jacob always seems to enjoy them. And I would love to watch him in action. I really should just duck out of work one of these times and make up the time later, though I do worry about how Jacob would react when he has to go back to daycare and I go back to work. But now that I have nearly four weeks of vacation, I really should just set aside a day or two for field trips.

- Yesterday I read the most heartbreaking article about a couple from Brooklyn who got diagnosed with advanced cancers nine days apart. They have an 18-month-old daughter. I can't even fathom. He's got stage 3 colorectal cancer and she's got stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Her odds of surviving are around 10%, his around 60%. And they were diagnosed NINE DAYS apart. They're both exhausted from going through chemo right now, and I can't imagine the strain of worrying about their daughter's well-being, their spouse's health, and their own fight, all at the same time. There's a blog that they're doing to keep people updated, but I haven't started following it yet because I just don't know if I want to know. It's too hard to think about. It's certainly a reminder of how blessed we are, but considering I'm lucky enough to be able to make the choice whether to think about something like that or not (as obviously they can't), should I take advantage of that? I can't decide if that's selfish or self-preservation. Either way, it's an unthinkable situation.

- Yesterday I sent out a request on Facebook for recommendations on ear, nose & throat doctors. I finally called one to set up an appointment for the loss of smell and taste I've experienced over the past couple years. I don't think I realized how long it had been until I was reading back to some blog posts from two years ago and I was already having the problem then. I mentioned it in reference to not being able to smell Jacob's poopy diaper. Then last winter before the move we had a small gas leak when someone came to "fix" our furnace, and I couldn't smell that either. Then yesterday I really didn't enjoy the donut I ate because I could barely taste it, and for whatever reason, that was the last straw. I miss tasting my food, darn it. I think I'd eat less of it if I could actually have a satisfying taste experience the first time around. To be clear, it's not that I don't taste or smell anything. It's just very picky and I don't pick up subtle smells or tastes at all. It's sad. I'm hoping it can be fixed, because if nothing else, it's important to smell things to keep you and your family safe and happy, be it natural gas, smoke, or a poopy diaper. Of course, I couldn't get an appointment until May (I may try one other group to see if I can get in sooner), but at least I took the first step...finally. I don't know what I was waiting for, other than thinking the netipot or nose sprays or time would magically make it come back, or that I was too worried it might be permanent and didn't want to get the bad news. By most accounts it doesn't seem like it should be permanent (maybe just polyps or chronic inflammation), but it's high time I found out.

- As of tonight, Jacob has three of his hockey sticks back in his possession. That's the most he's had since he got them taken away a few weeks ago. He's had a few four-sticker days in the last week, and no disasters (one was close, though), so he's got three. A bad day (one sticker or a horrendous evening) subtracts one, and a return to overall bad behavior means they all go away again. We haven't had to resort to that yet. Three is good, as it means the good outweighs the bad.

- I finally got the faceoff picture from Saturday night's on-field fun to work. Here it is...and yes, he put the ball there himself, unprompted.

- Here's the video I promised of him scooping the ball, from a couple weekends ago. He's talented, that's for sure. When he meets people that know he likes sports, they'll be like, "Are you going to play lacrosse?" And while I know they probably mean competitive lacrosse, I can't help but think Jacob thinks he does play lacrosse. And he's pretty good at it. We'll see how he does when there are other kids around, though...in any sport.

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