Thursday, March 17, 2011


Last night was a better night. Particularly considering we were on the go and there were a lot of opportunities for Jacob to freak out and give me trouble. Craig was working and I had a full slate planned--dinner at home, a haircut for Jacob, a quick stop at Wegmans (in the same plaza, thank goodness), and if all went well, a stop at the library, which was just up the road. I had told Jacob the plan in the morning, and he seemed genuinely excited by the library. I don't know if it's because there was a picture of the Amerks' Moose there last time (promoting a series of library appearances), or if he really liked sitting and clicking a non-working computer last time, or what. And when I went to pick him up at daycare, reminding him of it seemed to stop the trouble, at least to some degree. He ate his dinner--a bit difficult at times, but he ate it--and I did have to drag him away from his toys with the threat that if we didn't leave right then, we might not have time for the library. He freaked out on the way out the door because he didn't have a stick (no hockey sticks to bring right now, so he wanted a lacrosse stick), but I explained over the screaming that he couldn't use it anyway. He'd have to sit still at his haircut and we don't play sports at the library. He settled down, and we were off.

Getting Jacob a haircut makes me a bit crazy. I mean, I LOVE when he gets it cut and it's all cute and short and hard to screw up. But I worry about his cowlick getting cut too short because it'll all stick up in the back, and it pains me to spend $12 plus tip to get it done. Which is why I've been trying to do maintenance on it all along since his last one. I've trimmed around his ears, sideburns, in the front and in the back. But it was really getting thick and raggedy in spots, so he just needed a real one. I really need to learn how to use clippers and get over my fear of seriously butchering his hair...but no matter how many times I watch the pros, it all ends up looking a little complicated once it gets to evening things out and tapering the top smoothly down to the shortest areas. But once it's done I'm usually very relieved, so it's always with mixed emotions that we head off to the sports-themed barber to get it done. Jacob was afraid of the giant wall decal of a basketball guy again, and was instantly confused upon sitting down because all of the sports equipment that used to decorate the walls above the chairs was gone. They're remodeling, apparently. He must have asked 10 times during his haircut where it went. He was a little squirmy but he was very well-behaved, even laughing near the end about how the trimmer tickled.

We then headed next door to Wegmans, and while it was only a quick trip, he was good. He kept his shoes on and didn't take any swings at me from his seat. I did give him a sucker that I'd packed in the bag as a reward for his successful haircut, and he greatly enjoyed that as we walked.

Since it was still relatively early and he had been so good, it was off to the library with the strict warning that if he misbehaved we'd leave without any books. I wanted to involve him in picking out some books for himself, but he ended up amusing himself with some Duplo blocks they had in the kids area, so I ended up picking out three books for him--one about a search for a moose (very cute), a "Froggy" book (he owns "Froggy Plays T-Ball") about a day with his dad, and one called "Hooray, Jose" about a basketball-playing mouse. That one ended up being really cute, even if it is about urban neighborhood pickup ball. He's a little mouse that wants to play with the big mice, and he practices hard enough to join the team, only to sit the bench. They play all sorts of other rodents, and when the time comes for the championship game, he predictably swoops in to save the day. I liked it a lot, though. A good rhyme sucks me in every time. Ha, that rhymed :)
All in all, it was a good night. Unfortunately, he woke up bright and early coughing up a storm. It's been a problem lately and I'm starting to think he needs to go back to the doctor AGAIN. He's had a runny nose ever since his first strep throat go-around (or all winter, whatever) and the cough is interrupting his sleep and nearly causing him to gag. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it pops up, it's bad. I tried giving him a spoonful of honey in the middle of the night the other night because it's supposed to help coughs. Hard to tell, but I'm getting desperate so I'll believe it'll work :) Anyway he ended up getting three stickers on the sticker chart today (still not LISTENING) and had a great time playing outside with Craig while I was working out. He was doing great about halfway into dinner, but then he started playing with his food and being generally pesky. He sat through two timeouts when things got really bad, and then had to go to bed right away. He was so bad that he didn't even get stories. Nearly an hour later, he's still awake and cranky. Ugh. Tomorrow's another day...

In the meantime, here's a cute picture from the Knighthawks game we went to a couple weeks ago in Buffalo. At the end of the game we came down to the Blue Zone bar area, and despite the plethora of Sabres memorabilia on display, Jacob was more into the floor. It was full of chalkboard-like diagrams of hockey plays. Jacob was taking faceoffs and running around like a crazy boy. Here's a picture of one of the faceoffs...
There is no doubt, he is seriously obsessed with sports. It is always the first thing on his mind. As I've said before, he looks at the world through "sports-colored glasses". He sees everything as it relates to sports. It's amazing. It's scary, but amazing. Hopefully someday those glasses will help him see that if he would just listen, we could have a heck of a lot more fun.

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