Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Short shots

Yesterday Jacob said something to Craig about playing for the Sabres. Craig asked Jacob if he would take care of us (you know, with his gobs of money) if he played for the Sabres. Jacob said, "No, Daddy, I can't. You're too heavy. I can't carry you." How cute is that? I guess in his mind, that's what "taking care" of someone is all about. Sweet in its simplicity, isn't it?

Jacob seems to have grown again. Any shirts that were borderline around Christmas are now getting to be too small. All his growth seems to be in his upper body--long arms and a long torso. And I have NO idea where the long torso comes from, because neither Craig nor I have that feature. I'm sure someday it'll all catch up with itself and his body type will resemble ours in one way or another, but for now it's tough to keep the kid in shirts. He's so skinny that he swims in the body. He can't fill out the shoulders, either. But his arms seem to instantly start peeking out of the sleeves, and his belly is never far behind. Poor kid. Most of his pants still seem to be a good length, but they're always still falling off him. And more recently I am having trouble even with adjustable waists...because they're tight when he's sitting (and he complains) and they're falling off him when he's standing up and running around. I can't win!

I don't think I've mentioned here that Jacob has his "three musketeers" of stuffed animal buddies. Mind you, he's got a million stuffed animals. And he sleeps with a ridiculous number of them, much to our dismay. There's hardly room for him in his own crib, but no matter how many times we try to take animals out (even just to the basket next to his crib) he just knows they're not there. Amazingly, he can lose animals in his own crib in the pile, but he also knows when one of his animals is hanging out somewhere else. It's uncanny. And although many of his animals have their moments of glory, there are three that are his current favorites:

(L to R: Baby Moose, Eagle, Loosey Moosey (a.k.a. Mommy's Moose))

So...Baby Moose is the moose Jacob got on our trip to the pumpkin farm last fall. Eagle is a Knighthawks' themed bird that he's had forever, and Mommy's Moose (whose real name is Loosey Moosey, a.k.a. LooMoo) was a gift to me from Craig after I got my wisdom teeth out. He's the best moose, the dearest one to my heart, but against my better judgment I've been letting Jacob hang out with him. He carries all three of them around all the time, and it's the cutest thing ever to check in on him after he falls asleep and see him snuggling them. A few weeks ago, somewhere between my parents' house and our house, Baby Moose disappeared. There weren't a lot of places he could have gone, but it took a while to figure it out. Finally my dad saw a leg sticking out from the closed La-Z-Boy, and voila. It was a rough go for a couple days, as Jacob kept asking for him, but thank goodness he made it back intact. He was very happy to see him this weekend when my parents came to visit. It's cute watching him with his animals--the male equivalent of little girls and their dolls--though it still makes me nervous that he's sleeping with all of them. For as neurotic as I was about keeping things out of his crib when he was a tiny baby, we've really let it get out of hand. I keep hoping it will get better in a big boy bed, but I doubt it. Speaking of which, we haven't done the big boy bed yet. Everytime I think about it I chicken out. I dread the thought of not being able to trap him in there, knowing he could get up and walk around, and it scares me. I don't think we'll be able to trick him into staying in there, and I worry about the lack of sleep that will go along with it. I'm still not sure if we should get a gate or close the door and put the childproof knob on, or get one of those clocks with the colored lights to indicate when it's ok to get up. We will have to get a bed rail, though. Decisions, decisions. I'll get the guts one of these weekends. The kid should have access to his own bed, after all. Recently he did get one big boy addition to his bedroom. The Amerks and Knighthawks gave out wall decals at recent games, and we added the logos to Jacob's wall. We will be able to move them to his new room when the time comes. In the meantime, they may not fit in with the Snoopy decor, but they're still pretty darn cool anyway...Okay, I can't keep my eyes open, so that's enough for tonight. Hopefully we don't have another nearly sleepless night (for no apparent reason) tonight. Yes, he's draining (hopefully for good), but really? We need sleep!

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