Monday, November 23, 2009

Blast from the Past

Back in the summer around mid-July, Jacob and I went to my company picnic. We had a lot of fun, and that evening happened to be his first haircut, so it turned out to be a very full day. Well, one of my bosses at work is a fantastic amateur photographer--so good that people are starting to pay her to do things. You may remember her pictures from my work baby shower way back when--though I didn't post some of the fancier ones since I didn't think they'd show enough of what was going on...but they were cool artistic shots nonetheless. Anyway, she had a great time at the picnic snapping pictures of the many babies running around--including two of the three that were born within a month or two of Jacob. She finally had a chance to go through them and organize them (mostly because our receptionist has been begging for pictures from her, particularly after Halloween and now with our company's quarterly newsletter deadline looming), and today she presented me with a CD full of pictures. It was fun to go back and see what she took, because she's got this fancy-schmantzy camera that can take a frame a second or something crazy like that, and she's very stealth! So, anyway, here's an assortment...

These two are from the crawling races. Jacob consistently came in second, thanks in part to his unorthodox crawling method on grass, the up-on-his-hands-and-feet monkey crawl. He was still quick, but one kid was just unstoppable! But obviously Jacob was determined, based on his face in these pictures!

It's so funny to see pictures of him that I haven't seen before, this many months later. He's practically a different boy nowadays, compared to the who he was here. He's got more teeth, thicker but shorter hair (he's been through two haircuts since, and thank goodness, since it was so long in these pictures! His third is just around the corner...), and he's just bigger and stronger and walking! In a matter of four months, he's gone from a baby to a little boy. I guess all of this fits in well with my last post. You just don't realize how much things have changed until you see something from the past. It was fun to see these pictures and catch a glimpse of Jacob I had never seen before. As a parent you think you've seen every look and every photo. But then you see something like this and it's a neat little view into a time gone by. Cool stuff.

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