Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Back to School...

Today was the big day...the first day of school!  It's so hard to believe that Jacob is in fourth grade now.  Seems like just yesterday that we were putting him on the bus to Kindergarten.  And five years ago today we announced my pregnancy with a porch photo of Jacob in his big brother shirt.  Carter is now older than Jacob was that day, and a year from now he'll be doing his first official picture as he heads off to Kindergarten.  Holy crap.

But here is Jacob's official picture:

I just looked at last year's, and wow, does he look older.  Next year will be his last at this school, and then it's on to middle school, though the jury's still out on which middle school that will be--public school or a rather pricey Catholic school with a great lacrosse team.  The price tag on that one is a little scary, but the experience could probably serve him well if he's up to it.  I can't quite fathom Jacob managing changing classes, having a locker, or having to remember which books to bring home, but it's coming soon no matter what. 

Next year both kids will ride the same bus, though they'll get off at different places.  I can't believe Carter is only a year away from Kindergarten.  We have a long way to go before I will see him as Kindergarten ready, but again, it's coming.  Since Jacob had a four-year-old picture on the porch, I figured we'd take Carter's picture today, too...

Jacob's day didn't go great.  He doesn't like his teacher's Long Island accent, and his three best friends all ended up in the same classroom--without him.  He was pretty unhappy with a couple kids in his class, but in general he doesn't have any good friends there.  I keep trying to tell him that of all the kids in his class who he hasn't been in a class with before, he could probably find a new good friend.  He's not buying it, though.  I wish I had more advice to give, but I didn't start having different kids in my class every year until I hit high school.  I had pretty much the same crew of 12-15 other kids every year from Kindergarten through eighth grade.  And even when I had the changes in high school, I had nine periods' worth of classes to find friends.  I do remember the end of some first days in high school where I was really unexcited with the classmates I had and what a bummer it was, but I also know that most of those classes actually turned out pretty well by later in the year.  He should be fine, but it's hard to tell him that now. 

Nothing is really changing for Carter as he's been in the four-year-old Pre-K since February, but apparently we're starting a new curriculum and five little homework projects are coming home each week, with the goal of doing at least half per month in order to get a prize.  Many of them are going to be more like "parent homework" than something for the kids to worry about, but we'll see how he does.

So, we're off to the beginning of another year.  Let's hope it's a good one!

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