Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Adios, Summer...

Well, another summer has (un)officially come to an end.  Labor Day is over and school starts tomorrow.  I was bemoaning earlier today at work that I should have taken more vacation during the summer.  I have a ton to take before the end of the year and now my best window to do it is over.  Not that I had a lot of "free time" to do that since we're still shorthanded at work, but I feel like I have the same regret every year.  Hopefully I'll have some good reasons to take time this fall.

Anyway, we finished off the summer with a pretty low key Labor Day weekend.  Our big activity was on Saturday when we went to our favorite gluten-free pizza place for dinner, then headed to Minnehan's, a fun spot near Geneseo, to play mini golf.  I figured a fun, more challenging course might be a little more interesting than our usual Adventure Landing courses around the corner.  We enjoyed our dinner, loaded up on cookies, and battled slightly chilly temps as we headed out on the course.

Everyone taking on hole #2.  It's a challenging course with long holes and lots of scenery.  Note the fountains in the background.
I played this course in college as it was our "local" course, and 20 years later it's still giving me fits!  The boys liked it, though, once they got used to the challenge!

It's such a pretty course with a very unique layout.

The boys were fascinated by this hole, which has a waterfall as part of it.  If your ball goes under those white sections, it falls into the water and rocks below.  The current automatically directs it into a metal channel that takes it down to a tunnel and on to the green (though stuck behind a brick).  The boys kept putting their ball down to see it happen again and again!

Over the bridge to the back nine...

Looking back toward the mill and castle
The final hole is hard to see, but it's sort of like Skee-ball, and whichever level you putt your ball into, that's your score.  Contrary to the picture, Jacob did not conquer it...we all stunk! :)

It was not my best game, but we had fun despite the cool, damp weather.  The next day we headed to Buffalo for Craig's dad's 70th birthday.  We enjoyed partying with his family and celebrating his dad (and it was nice getting a couple belated presents myself!).  We stayed overnight and planned to go home around lunch time on Monday, but the family was going to the Labor Day parade in South Buffalo so we decided to go see Craig's mom marching. 

We had no idea this parade was a candy jackpot!  Almost every float or set of marchers (and there were a lot!) had candy!  Even standing back a bit Carter and I collected a lot for him.  Jacob and his cousin Grant were closer to the front, and you can see Grant's Frisbee full of candy in the picture.  I think Jacob must have been eating what he was grabbing, but eventually he got a Frisbee, too, and had quite the collection by the time we left.  We saw some kids with grocery bags full!  That should keep them until Halloween!

After the parade we walked over to the nearby park, one where we did some geocaching after my dad's heart surgery three years ago.  We stood right outside the hospital during the parade, too, and of course it brought back a lot of memories of those crazy couple days.  Anyway, over in the park Carter and his cousin Luke went to check out the kid activities, and when Craig went to bring them back, he snapped this picture of Carter with a couple friends...
The guy on the left is Sabretooth, the Sabres' mascot, and the guy on the right is Celery, a recently-retired racer for the Buffalo Bisons.  He used to race against two different Buffalo wings and a cup of blue cheese, and he never won in his hundreds of races...until the other night when he ran his last race and finally took the victory.  Apparently he's going to be more of a fan-interaction mascot next year. 
We wrapped up our time at the park, grabbed some late lunch, and headed home.  We tried to get a little relaxation into the rest of our weekend Monday evening, and I had an atypical Tuesday (lovely lunch with an old friend and a closed office due to a water problem).  And now tomorrow is the first day of school.  As usual, we're hoping for a smooth start.  We're once again going in blind, without having met his teacher or seen a class list, so we'll just have to see how it goes.  Fingers crossed!

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