Sunday, February 14, 2016

Worst Birthday Gift Ever

So, Carter's birthday is tomorrow, and today is Valentine's Day.  So of course this weekend had a visit to the doctor involved. 

Friday I came home from a quick solo shopping trip after work and the boys were watching TV.  Craig mentioned that Carter seemed a little subdued.  He felt a little warm, and sure enough, his temperature was 99.  He initially seemed hesitant to eat dinner, which scared me, but luckily he was hungry a little while later and all things considered, he seemed OK.  His nose was runny, but otherwise he seemed like a lower-key version of himself.  Saturday morning he woke up and told me he had "pickups", which I eventually translated to hiccups, and he said that they were making his mouth hurt.  He didn't seem to actually have "pickups", however, so I thought to ask him if his throat hurt when he swallowed, and he said yes.  His fever seemed to have subsided, but the pain was bothering him so I gave him some Tylenol.  He was fine most of the day, with one more dose for his throat, but relatively normal energy.  The good news is that it was super freezing outside all day (like the highest I saw was one degree above zero) so we had no reason to leave the house.  Craig had a game, so we just kept warm and hung out at home.  The fever came back again last night, and I noticed a faint rash on his torso.  After Jacob's hives issue last year, I figured it was just a viral thing and decided I'd check it out in the morning and decide if we needed to go to the doctor.  Oh, but then he started complaining about his ears, so I figured that unless he was considerably better by the morning, we'd definitely have to go in to make sure he didn't have strep or an ear infection.  If he had either, I wanted him on antibiotics ASAP so he wasn't feeling horrible for his birthday!

Both nights over the weekend he woke up a couple times, mostly just seeming a little uncomfortable but going back to sleep relatively quickly.  I had to give him Tylenol at 4:30am this morning, so we had to wait a little bit after he woke up to decide if we needed to call the doctor.  I wasn't thrilled about going to church this morning as it was with the temperature being -9 when I woke up (because Craig worked late and dragging Jacob and his cast through the snow and cold alone didn't sound great either), but once the fever came back and Carter was still uncomfortable, it became apparent that the doctor needed to be a priority.  With Carter's birthday tomorrow and Jacob off of school anyway (his week-long program doesn't start until Tuesday), it seemed stupid to put it off any longer.  We could keep him home tomorrow since we were splitting the day anyway, and he should be well enough to go back on Tuesday if we started meds today.

Carter was upset about going to the doctor.  He seemed to think he'd be getting shots, even though I told him over and over that he'd be fine.  He fought me getting his boots and coat on, and cried the entire way there.  He said his ears hurt, and even though I told him that going to the doctor would help that, he still resisted.  He started to calm down once we got there, but he mostly just laid on me in the waiting room and didn't want to watch Madagasgar on the TV.  It took a while to get called in (as it does on weekends), and he was so upset about getting on the scale that they had to weigh me and then weigh me holding him to calculate the difference for his weight.  When the nurse took his temperature, it was 103!  That was way higher than it had been when I checked it.  I'm sure his coat (he felt cold so he kept it on) and his crying fit didn't do anything to lower that, but yikes.  He refused the cup of ibuprofen they brought in for him, so eventually the doctor had to syringe it into his mouth.  He cried a lot and didn't enjoy the exam at all.  His ears looked fine, but sure enough, the strep test came back positive.  So, Carter got the gift of strep for his third birthday.  Poor kid. 

He recovered from his crying fit once the ibuprofen kicked in, and we stopped at Wegmans to get his medicine (I wiped down the cart, I swear!) and got him home for lunch and nap.  Right before nap everyone opened their Valentine's gifts.  I got Craig a movie and some jelly hearts.  For the boys, I opted to get them something they'd been eyeing up on TV--Snackeez!  It was sort of a silly thing with them, but I thought it was fun and functional enough.  And sure enough, they were excited!  They both got a little candy, too, but it was nice to see them both excited by the same gift!

Best I could get...
Carter went down for a nap and I couldn't help but take one too!  Craig napped on and off most of the day, and Jacob just played nicely, thank goodness.  I woke up around 4pm and decided to run out to JCPenney to spend one of those $10 off $10 purchase coupons.  I had terrible luck considering the dozens of clearance racks, but in the end got a pair of workout pants for less than $6.  Yay!  I got home after 5:30 and Carter was still sleeping!  Craig was napping again so he didn't wake him up earlier...but I guess with him being sick I shouldn't have worried anyway, because he was asking to go to bed by 9:00 anyway.  He was such a mess when he woke up from his nap.  His fever was back up to 102 and he was feeling miserable, so we snuggled on the couch while I searched Pinterest for dinner.  Another round of meds worked wonders and he was his normal self until bedtime. 

After dinner tonight both kids ate from their Snackeez while we watched the beginning of the NBA All-Star Game.  We took a little extra interest this year because, if I didn't mention it, my sister-in-law now works for the NBA!  After many years at Nike, she got a new job!  We'll miss the family discount (back to Payless, kids...sorry!), but it's very exciting, mostly because the family is moving back east!  While we'll miss having an excuse to go to Portland, having them outside New York City is very exciting!  Same time zone, cheaper flights and much more driveable! 

After snacks and Carter saying he was sleepy, I put him to bed for the last time as a two-year-old.  I can't believe he's going to be three tomorrow!  It just doesn't seem possible that my tiny little baby is a chatty, potty-trained, independent, loving three-year-old.  Time has flown.  Three years ago tonight I was settling into bed after one of the most uncomfortable days of my life, one that ended with me not even being able to sit through dinner because I wanted to crawl out of my own skin.  It was some sort of a relief to see a tiny spot of blood during a trip to the restaurant bathroom because it made me think something had to happen soon.  And 16 hours later, it did!  I never would have guessed that three years later my little boy would be the one with the uncomfortable Valentine's Day.  But I feel so lucky to have that little boy and couldn't imagine our family without him.  It's just too bad the first thing he got for his third birthday had to be strep :(

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