Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Birthday Blahs

I was really hoping that Carter's case of strep wouldn't ruin his birthday, and for a while it didn't.  Since it was President's Day, the original plan was to split the day to be home with Jacob since the school district's program for break didn't begin until today.  But when Carter got sick, we opted to keep him home, too.  We figured that by Tuesday he'd definitely be fine, so it was nice to have one day for him that was already covered. 

The good news is that since I was home in the morning, it gave us time to do a few of Carter's gifts.  We did three in the morning and three after we got home from dinner, just to keep the day interesting.  He's still quite content playing with whatever he just opened anyway, so we might as well.   

He opened a little Dr. Seuss board book based on "Fox in Socks" that's full of silly rhymes, and a Paw Patrol Busy Book that comes with a bunch of little characters to play with.  Those will actually have another purpose down the road, so stay tuned!  Next up was the big bag...

He got a Paw Patrol Chase with his vehicle...

And a Marshall, too!  He was very happy about those! 

He got right to playing with everything!  We put out the play mat that came with the Busy Book, and he had fun playing with all of his new Paw Patrol toys!

I also took a couple minutes to get him back in his old spot on the chair for a birthday picture next to the bear!  I had a hard time getting him to sit still and smile nicely, but I guess this will have to do!
He doesn't really fit in the frame anymore because his legs are so long!
He was really enjoying his playtime before I left to go into work.  Craig took over as the boys were eating lunch, and of course this guy decided to skip his nap...

Even still, he seemed pretty good by the time I got home.  We had to keep up with the ibuprofen because the fever kept popping up, but once the medicine was in him, you'd never know he was sick.  In fact, when we went out for dinner to Red Robin, he dragged me to the bathroom twice (at least he went!) and spent the rest of the time trying to kiss my face!  However, once his food came he decided he didn't want to eat it.  He ate his mandarin oranges, but he barely touched his pizza.  I think he changed his mind after he ordered, so nothing else would have sufficed.  We never even had them sing to him (they never asked and by then we were ready to go anyway), but at least we didn't have to decide if he was allowed to eat his sundae.

We came home and did the rest of the presents.  He got a rinse cup for the bathroom, which was actually a delayed Christmas present.  I originally bought him a Paw Patrol one for Christmas, but that one would have taken up a lot of counter space.  I also started to worry he would outgrow it too soon.  In the meantime, I found an adorable Monsters University one on Amazon and decided that was way better.  It has a pillared building background, and Sully stands above a sitting Mike Wazowski.  Mike's head is the cup!  He's excited to be a big boy and learn how to spit!

Next up was a random but fun little extra I picked up on clearance at Wegmans a few weeks ago.  I found a Star Wars kaleidoscope!  It looks like Darth Vader on the outside and some of the colored shapes are Star Wars themed.  It's one where you turn the end, and it takes me back to the simple pleasures of my youth.  We actually just came across a kaleidoscope in one of his books the other day!
Unwrapping the kaleidoscope
Finally we got to the big gift, the one that had Jacob interested all day.  Of course, in true big brother fashion, he saw the presents in the morning and asked if they were for him.  Sigh.  We had hinted he would probably like the big one too, and he was guessing all sorts of Lego things.  When Carter finally unwrapped it, all was revealed...
New hockey nets!
Jacob got two nets for Christmas when he was two.  One is in pieces in his room after numerous duct taping episodes, and the other is still intact, by some miracle.  But it's definitely seen better days.  Jacob won't really let Carter near it.  As a result, at Christmas, I thought about getting Carter his own net, and I happened to notice a set that our nephews have.  They're pop-up nets, which means less PVC piping to break whenever someone falls on them.  They're also way easier to store.  I saw them in passing at Dick's early in the Christmas season, and they were 50% off!  Carter was with me, however, so I made a mental note to get them later that week.  But the week got away from me and suddenly it was Saturday.  I frantically looked online and found them, and by some miracle, shipping was free!  I placed my order and had them a week later.  Based on how Christmas played out, I decided to save them for his birthday, and here they are!

Carter was excited, but so far Jacob is far more obsessed with them than Carter.  He's been begging for us to play a family game (Carter usually ducks out after a play or two) and he's been asking Carter to play all day.  Good that he's asking, but it's getting really repetitive.  Of all the gifts, the Paw Patrol toys are definitely winning right now.  But I think he will love the nets.  Jacob is now asking for his own set for his birthday, of course.

After presents we sang to Carter and he blew out a candle on a cupcake.  I made some cupcakes for him to take into daycare, and set aside the extras for us.  He ended up not wanting to eat it, though.  He did learn to blow his candle properly, though!  He's not really a fan of the attention, honestly.  Even talking about his birthday coming put him into a series of denials.  Not sure why he doesn't want to have fun, but he did the same thing in regard to Christmas.

After that, things went downhill considerably.  When it was time for medicine (antibiotics and ibuprofen) he freaked out like he did at the doctor.  He refused to take them, eventually choked/gagged them down, and cried all the while.  He didn't want to put on pajamas, didn't want to listen, and was generally miserable.  It appears that the second his medicine wears off and his fever comes back, he's instantly a pathetic monster.  It's awful.  Then he had another rough overnight where it was tough to get him to settle.  He woke up twice, I think, and then we had to be conscious early to keep an eye on the snow.  More on the snow in my next post.  We kept Carter home again today since his fever was still hanging in there.  He seemed fine without medicine prior to nap, but woke up around 100 again.  I can't help but wonder if he's got an overlapping virus that's unaffected by the antibiotics, since he's got a ton of congestion, too.  If he's not better by tomorrow, I'll probably have to call the doctor again.  I would have done it today, but...well, you'll find out why I didn't in my next post. 

Fingers crossed that tonight goes better than last night.  I'm sad that the strep had to end Carter's birthday on a sour note, but I'm relieved we have another party to come.  I still can't believe he's three, but I'm so proud of the little boy he's becoming and look forward to seeing more.

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