Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Catch-Up

I've been a bit lax in pulling pictures and sharing them.  I'm still not taking as many as I'd like to these days, but I suppose it's not inspiring to grab the camera when you're constantly refereeing the kids or rushing to the next warm place out of the winter cold.  But here are a few goodies...

The other morning I remembered to grab the camera to catch Carter on the rocking moose.  I bought this moose at IKEA before I was ever pregnant with Jacob because I was afraid they'd discontinue it before we got to have kids.  It made its first appearance on the blog when Jacob was a year old.  Carter has probably liked it more than Jacob ever did, and while it lives in the basement it has made rather frequent trips upstairs.  As you can see, Carter is getting pretty big for it now.  That blows my mind, by the way, but I wanted to make sure I caught a picture of it again before it had been outgrown!  When Carter hopped on the other day, I thought to grab my camera...
Such a big boy!

As he was rocking, I thought to take some video, and it happened to be a really cute point where he was extra chatty.  Someday down the road when I forget what he was like at this age, this video will be even more precious.  What a goofball!

While we're on the topic of him being a goofball, here's a throwback to Christmas Day, when Carter learned how to slide down stairs on his butt.  Once upon a time, those stairs belonged to my grandparents, and my cousins and I used to congregate there during family gatherings.  We used to love sliding down!  Now my aunt and uncle own the house and we still do Christmas there, and for whatever reason we were all reveling in the past--pictures of the generations on the stairs and sliding down on our butts.  And Carter learned how to do it, too!

Switching gears...Rochester has a bit of a crow problem.  They used to hang out at dusk in a park a couple blocks away from my old office.  Every year the city would invest in noise boxes, fireworks, and other options to scare the birds out of the park.  They made a mess of the park with their poop and they were downright creepy.  Well, it turns out that they've now ended up out in the 'burbs by my new office.  I don't know if it's always been like this, or if this is a new thing after they scared them off this year.  But as I leave the office almost every day, they are everywhere!  They are flying nearby, making noise, and landing in the trees in a park across the road.  The other day I had pulled out my camera to try to take a picture of the sunset showing through the trees.  That ended up being hard, but by the time I was done attempting, the crows were flying in.  I thought quickly enough to try to get a couple pictures of them in the trees, and then it occurred to me to get video, since the noise and constant stream of birds is hard to believe...
Sometimes the trees look like they have leaves because there are so many birds!

Last week I met up with my old Friday lunch buddies for the first time in months.  We had lunch at the Airigami exhibit, the giant display of balloon creations!  You may remember past ones that featured Jack and the Beanstalk and an undersea world.  This year's was supposed to feature the Genesee River, though I admit I haven't seen any bears hanging out near the river like they had here.  This one wasn't quite as grand as the last couple, but it was no less cool and beautiful how the balloons were used.
A waterfall, a whimsical tree, and some deer

The bear caught a fish!  And look, a turtle!

This playing bear was so cute, right down to his teeth!

I love this eagle nest with a tiny baby in the nest on the ledge!

The hot air balloon!
A look from above!
I didn't end up taking the kids this year since Jacob wasn't interested and I felt like Carter was still young to really understand what he was seeing.  Maybe next year it[ll be worth a special trip downtown. 

I feel like there should be more, but I'm too tired to think of more right now!  Hopefully more soon!

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