Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Well, this was unexpected...

So, last night at Jacob's lacrosse practice, he and a teammate fell awkwardly together.  Jacob's foot got caught under him somehow, and he was in too much pain to walk afterward.  I'll admit I thought he was milking it a bit, since he did manage to mysteriously go from the kitchen to the couch by himself and didn't make a peep when I struggled to pull off his sock to look at it, even though everything else was making him moan and yell loudly.  There was no sign of injury, no swelling or bruising.  As I mentioned when we went through the headache/strep, he's always up for an excuse to miss school, so I wasn't surprised he was being very loud and cranky about it. 

This morning he was still refusing to walk, so Craig stayed with him and made a doctor appointment.  The doctor didn't see much and said they could either give him some Motrin and rest, or get an x-ray in case a small fracture was hiding in there.  So off they went to the orthopedic doctor for an x-ray. 

The x-ray showed that Jacob had a rather large bone cyst!  It's probably just a naturally occurring thing.  It's benign and treatable, but we're in for a bit of a journey here.  We're actually lucky this happened, because if the cyst would have gotten much bigger, it could have caused a broken leg!  As it is, Jacob is in a boot and on crutches.  He's pretty stubborn about the whole thing so far, generally choosing to have Craig carry him around the house.  We need to get into the bone specialist, and most likely down the road he'll have some minor surgery to either dissolve the cyst or fill it in.  It's not particularly ideal, especially this time of year, but you's not cancer, it's completely treatable, and we caught it in time that it shouldn't do any damage to his bone growth.  Ultimately, we're lucky.  He'd actually complained of leg pain many times before, but everyone (us and his doctor) had chalked it up to growing pains.  Who would have ever guessed this is what was going on?

The bummer, of course, is that he can't play lacrosse for the foreseeable future.  That is going to be extremely hard for him.  We have yet to decide how involved we'll want him to be with his team.  Should he go to games and practices to watch, listen, learn, and support them?  That might be extra hard to watch, though.  They will have a hard time scoring without him, it would appear, since he's been involved in all of their goals this year.  Our hope is that he might be able to get back in the mix by the second portion of their season later in the winter into the spring, but we just don't know yet.  I worry about him, both mentally and physically, as he's lost his opportunity to be active.  He will miss playing sports so much because that is his true love, but physically I can see this being very hard for him since he's very energetic and can barely sit still most of the time, and now he's lost his outlet for spending that energy.  I don't know how that's going to translate to his behavior at school and at home, or how it might impact his patience (or lack thereof) with Carter.  That was already at a minimum, but now that he can't run away like he was so used to doing, I don't know how he's going to function when Carter gets near him.  It's definitely going to be a work in progress for a while. 

This isn't exactly what we needed with just over a week before Christmas, but we'll just have to make it work.  We're lucky we caught it this way, and hopefully we can just get it treated and move on.  Maybe we can even decorate the boot with some lights and make the best of it.  We shall see...

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