Monday, December 21, 2015

News & Notes, Home Stretch Edition

Christmas is only four days away according to the Santa countdown on my wall at work, but in reality I know I have one less day than that since our festivities start on the 24th.  And that's not counting if we decide to open presents at home on the 23rd!  Nearly every year we have this challenge...Do we open gifts after school/daycare/work in the evening on the 23rd, or do we have a traditional "Christmas morning" on Christmas Eve and risk taking off later than would be ideal for hitting up Craig's family events?  I hate having to make the decision, mostly because we can't really do it at the last minute without seriously messing with the kids' minds.  We can't say, "Santa's coming while you're at school", and then decide that we need more time and push it off until the next morning.  Well, we could, but we'd have to blame it on Santa and that's not cool.  If we plan on Christmas Eve morning and then happen to get done early, it's just weird to bring the kids home to presents.  Again, we could do this, but it's just awkward and messes with the magic a bit.  So, two days out and we're still undecided.  I have yet to wrap a present aside from work ones.  Heck, we still have a couple presents to buy, not to mention a bunch more in transit somewhere.  We're getting there, but it's been a process.  I went out shopping twice this weekend and spent most of my free time browsing Amazon.  Not particularly fun, but it's what has to be done.  I still have a lot of work left to do, between wrapping, food planning, packing, and whatever else.  I have sugar cookies to decorate.  My living room looks like a toy tornado hit it.  My office has done a major move (even though I stayed put) so work is in a little bit of chaos as well.  I did manage to get a staff gift of bagels and donuts over to daycare this morning, without being late to work, which is pretty impressive.  Baby steps, for sure.

Jacob is doing okay.  He's walking around with his boot pretty well now, but he still takes the crutches out in public to give him stability, since those boots tend to be slippery on non-carpeted surfaces.  He got to go to lacrosse on Saturday, and he even warmed up the goalie.  He can stand still and shoot pretty well, which I think will help him a lot mentally.  He's allowed to be on the bench with some equipment, and I think that's key for making him feel a part of the team. They lost 8-1, though, so it was the same old-same old this week.  Sigh.

Carter has a pre-Christmas cold, but he's hanging in there pretty well.  He's having some sleep issues, though--not from the cold, but probably from some developmental phase.  He's had some trouble going down for naps on the weekend, and when he finally does fall asleep, then he wants to sleep later, which makes him stay up until all hours.  Last weekend it was Jacob's lacrosse game being during his normal naptime, and then ending up overtired from being out late at the Knighthawks game.  He was a mess for a couple days.  Oh, and did I mention that one day he randomly fell asleep at lunch at daycare?  That never happens.  I was convinced he was going to get seriously sick, but no, just a cold sometime after that.  Yesterday he refused to nap all while I was out shopping, then finally fell asleep around 3:30.  I meant to wake him before 5pm, but then I was up to my elbows in cookie dough and trying to manage the pork in the crockpot, so I didn't get him up until after that.  He didn't fall asleep until around 10:30, and then I had to wake him up around 7:45 this morning so we could get out the door early to do the bagel run.  He was tired and I'm sure he'll be off again today.

I had my own health issue yesterday, with a sore eye.  It wasn't itchy or red, but it hurt.  It got a little better before bed and was fine this morning, but over the course of the day I developed a muscle spasm in the cheekbone/temple area.  It's stopped now, but who knows what that was all about.  I was convinced yesterday that I was getting pinkeye again (God forbid), but today I'm thinking it might just be some sort of pesky virus that traveled from my eye over to the nearby muscles.  Let's hope it's just a passing, minor thing.

Back on the Christmas front, I'm feeling like we officially failed with the Christmas spirit.  We haven't done anything particularly Christmas-y aside from some Advent calendars.  Maybe this is just how it is with boys?  They're just not into decorating or the tree, and neither has asked to see Santa.  Carter and I went down one street to see a couple Christmas light displays, but both kids are sort of "meh" about the holiday in general.  Carter is scared of Santa and claims to not be excited about getting presents.  Jacob is sort of hung up on gifts, though not like last year, where I was convinced he'd be a grump all day when he didn't get what he wanted.  He's definitely expecting certain things, and he will be getting most of them, but he seems a little more chill about it.  Most notably, he's being a little weird about Carter giving him a gift.  We decided the boys should start giving each other gifts.  We're just picking one of our stash for Carter to give Jacob, and I suggested Jacob re-gift to Carter his little-used doctor kit, since Carter has been obsessed with the one at daycare.  He was agreeable to that but he was weirded out by Carter giving him something.  "Is he going to touch it?"  "What is it?"  "Can I open that one early?"  I'm not sure what his real issue is, but it is making him nervous, from what I can tell.  He'll like it, which is helpful in fostering goodwill, I think. 

Oh, and did I mention Jacob bought a gift for a girl in his class?  He's got a little friend named Angie.  They seem to get along well and he's convinced they're going to get married.  They've apparently planned out their lives and he really seems to like her.  At this point I still find it pretty sweet, and given that he hasn't been the most giving child I've ever met, I was sort of thrilled when he mentioned wanting to give her a gift.  I found a few cheap little girl jewelry sets at Walmart (since he insisted she likes jewelry), and let him pick one for her.  At least I convinced him to not give her the one with the engagement ring look-alike!  I'm a little nervous about what her parents might think, but at this age I think it's just sweet.  And it's not like it cost a lot.  I want to encourage him to give and make people happy, so this seemed like a good starting point. 

Yesterday we had a bit of a panic moment when we realized that we hadn't strategized very well for what we were giving Jacob vs. what Santa was giving him.  Between some minor shifting and a very careful conversation, I think we figured everything out, but we'll see once I start wrapping and labeling!  I think I'm forever scarred by the year that the bike didn't work out and we were scrambling at 10pm the night before we were opening gifts because there just didn't seem to be enough.  Silly, perhaps, but an awful feeling nonetheless.  Oh, and our panic gift that we bought and ended up not giving?  We never returned it because we knew we wouldn't get that kind of deal again, so it's still sitting in our closet, presumably waiting for Carter to get old enough to get it.  Not our best parenting moment, for sure.

I feel like there was more I wanted to share, but I guess this will have to do for now.  I hope to post again before the whirlwind hits, but we shall see!

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