Saturday, December 5, 2015


I took a couple pictures today and when I went to take pictures off my memory card, I realized that I only took a handful of pictures in November.  That makes me so sad.  My kids will never be this age again, and I just let a whole month pass by without capturing much of anything.  In fact, I haven't taken a picture of Jacob since Halloween.  That's certainly not on purpose.  I don't know why I let that happen, but I think it's a bit of a perfect storm. 

November is traditionally a low month for photos, since we're past the fall fun and we don't seem to have any school functions or even many family functions.  Parenting has been tougher lately, with Carter being a bit more stubborn and Jacob being defiant as usual, with an extra side of attitude.  It doesn't exactly inspire me to capture our daily lives, that's for sure.  I guess I've been lazy or tired or apathetic about pulling out the camera, which isn't good.  Normally it brings me a lot of joy, but lately I just haven't made the effort.  I don't know why.  Tired from work?  Not enough time in the evenings?  Nothing good to show?  I'm not particularly entertained by the two kids driving each other nuts, so why would anyone else be?

I keep meaning to take pictures of Jacob playing lacrosse.  He's definitely getting more action than before.  His team is having a tough time because they're so inexperienced, but he's been in on all of his teams' goals this year--two goals and two assists in three games.  But for whatever reason I just haven't done it. 

Right before Thanksgiving I was thinking about how often I used to pull out the camera and just take pictures of the kids playing.  That was before most of it involved driving each other nuts, of course.  It also helped when I actually played with the kids more.  Lately, that just hasn't happened a lot.  But the other night when it was just Carter and me, I did think to pull out the camera.  I had a hard time getting him to stand still, but I did capture how Carter plays hockey...

He's not as detail-oriented as Jacob was at this age, but I do think it's cute that he uses the bottom of the basketball hoop as his "net".  Silly kid.
I tried to get a cute picture of him, and he kept running away from me, but I did manage to catch this one out of sheer luck...

I know it will get a little better with Christmas coming.  We have Jacob's concert next week, and hopefully we'll have some sort of Santa encounter or Christmas card photo attempts in the next couple weeks.  I'll get some when Christmas hits, too, but hopefully I can encourage myself to make up for lost time before then. 

In other news, Craig took Jacob to the doctor Tuesday night, and he came home with a diagnosis of strep throat!  We never would have guessed it!  He was home Wednesday as well, then had a half day Thursday and full day Friday thanks to parent-teacher conferences.  His went fine, by the way.  The new behavior stuff seems to be working better (though the newness has worn off a bit).  His teacher was happy with his progress and he's about a level up from where he should be.  His report card had a couple "I"s where we'd expect them--listening and self-control--but overall he's doing well.  It was a relief since I'm still traumatized by our Kindergarten conference that left me in tears.  The more I see his teachers work with him, the more I realize how bad a match his Kindergarten teacher was!

I was off with him the last couple days.  Thursday was tough because I had some work to finish up when he was home in the afternoon.  He kept himself occupied, though.  Friday we had an early dentist appointment, then came home to an hour of Wii Sports!  I was really sore this morning and all I can figure is that it was from all of the tennis, golf, baseball, and bowling we did!  After lunch we went on an adventure to a local gluten-free bakery, since it has terrible hours and this was our best chance.  We got yummy cupcakes for ourselves, and a couple cookies for Craig and Carter.  The cupcakes were great and the day was going great.  However, after I spent some time crafting a complaint about Ambit Energy, Jacob started slipping into negative attention land again.  He kept complaining he was stuck in our armchair and whining about not wanting to read.  The day didn't end particularly well despite a pleasant Red Robin pre-birthday dinner for Craig.  It was so frustrating to have the good early part of the day go downhill like that.  The counselors wanted us to keep track of when Jacob is compliant, and I swear it only happens when it benefits him or he's got complete one-on-one attention that doesn't include pressure to do anything he doesn't want to do.  Unfortunately, that's not really sustainable.  Sigh. 

So, sorry for the lack of action around here.  Hopefully there will be a renewed sense of fun in the weeks to come...

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