Thursday, October 15, 2015

Video Thursday (and a Medical Status Update)!

Craig had his knee surgery yesterday to clean up his torn meniscus.  Everything went well.  There wasn't any ligament damage or arthritis, so that was good news.  It was a long day, though, since he had to go in at 10:45 and we didn't get home until after 4pm!  The surgery itself was quick, but there was a lot of waiting, both before the procedure and again after, once Craig was coming out of anesthesia.  We got home in time to catch the crazy Toronto Blue Jays playoff game (thank goodness they won, because the oddball play in the 7th inning should never have cost them the game!), and Craig is doing pretty good.  He was a little uncomfortable overnight, but he's trying to walk a bit on it today.  Based on everything we're hearing it should get a little better every day.

Now, as promised, it's time for a few videos!

The first one gives you an idea of what it's like to hang out with Carter whenever there is any sort of open area in which he can run.  This is pretty much the norm, though in this case he was on the turf after the World Indoor Lacrosse Championship.  Oh, and the fall at the end was most likely on purpose, since he often likes to slide like a baseball player...

This was from our day at the pumpkin patch, when Carter was bouncing on the giant pillow.  At the start of the video he's on his hands and knees just left of center.  He's wearing jeans and an army green sweatshirt and hat.

This was some video I took from my little side trip at Letchworth on Monday that Craig and the kids did not do.I wanted to try to capture what the waterfall looked like so I could show them later.  The sun was really bright and the mist was obscuring things a bit, but it's pretty nonetheless.

Later in the trip the boys played lacrosse.  Here is Carter taking a shot on Jacob...

And here is Jacob taking a shot on Craig...just look at those moves!

So, for now we're just working on finding our temporary new normal while Craig is partially out of commission.  It shouldn't take him too long to get back in the swing of things, though perhaps more slowly than normal, but until then there will be some extra coordinating to do.  We also have a pretty busy weekend coming up, so we'll just have to play that by ear a bit as well!  Right now I'm just savoring the fall colors, freaking out about figuring out Jacob's Halloween costume (with no free weekends to do it!), and procrastinating sorting the bin of Carter's 3T clothes.  So much to think about!

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