Thursday, October 29, 2015

This Week is Not My Friend's Halloween week.  It's the last week of October and I'm sort of in denial.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...this year has flown.  Losing my job in the first two weeks of the year threw this whole year into chaos.  I mean, the year usually goes fast enough when you're just going through the hum-drum normal stuff in life, but when you're distracted by something else?  Apparently that speeds things up.  I spent almost three months trying to get a job (and spending time with Carter, and getting some rare alone time, too), then spent many months adjusting to our new normal.  Suddenly I've been at this job over six months, and Christmas is less than two months away.  Carter will be three in less than four months.  Time is flying.  I am sort of overwhelmed by the thought of Thanksgiving being in four weeks and the Christmas craziness starting immediately after.  It's unbelievable how quickly we got here.

This week has been a tough one.  I haven't been feeling great, and in fact tonight I feel horrible--body aches, chills, exhaustion, along with an iffy stomach--but all week I've been battling the sniffles again.  I'm super busy at work and I really can't miss work.  I brought my computer home tonight just in case I have to stay home, but I'd hate to miss the Halloween festivities tomorrow.  I actually managed to cobble together a costume from the stuff in the family Halloween box that came home with me from the weekend, but I guess we'll see if I get to wear it.

I've had a hard time thinking up dinners, which is always frustrating.  It seems to happen once every couple months, no matter how much I try to plan or wrack my brain for ideas.

Carter battled me hardcore about trying on his Halloween costume (and his backup Halloween costume) the other night, and I have no idea if he will put it on willingly tomorrow (assuming I feel good enough for work and can take him to my work event) or Saturday.  Tuesday I had to take him to Wegmans while Craig and Jacob were at lacrosse, and I realized as we walked in that it was trick-or-treat night there, which I had forgotten about.  Luckily Carter was  too young to realize that the other kids were going around getting treats!  Still, classic #momfail moment.  Oh, and it took me most of the week to remember to give Carter an overdue bath.  Mom of the Year, huh?.

Jacob changed his mind a handful of times over the past week for his costume, and after a frustrating shopping trip night last night, I finally spent $30 tonight on a costume he's going to wear for about two hours.  We don't really have anything here that we could cobble together, let alone anything that's up to his very particular standards.  We were short on options, so now I just have to hope Carter wants to wear it in 4-5 years to get our money's worth.  Some parents at Jacob's school tried to get the Halloween parade reinstated, but in the end the district rescinded the permit they got for unknown reasons, so they gave up.

I made cutout cookies last night so Jacob could take some to school for cookie decorating.  That actually went relatively well.  It took me all week but I finally remembered to email his teacher yesterday to make sure there was nothing else I needed to worry about.  They bought fruits and vegetables today at the public market, so I'm just having her double check the dips they're using. 

The mess around my house is out of control, and I actually spent about an hour last night running around just putting things away and picking things up and throwing things out.  I'm pretty tolerant of mess, but eventually I hit a breaking point.  It doesn't help that I really need to vacuum and dust, and I just don't have enough energy at the end of the day.  Most nights I've been falling asleep in my chair at 9:30 and snoozing until I can drag myself upstairs after 11.  Not very productive.

At least I bought Halloween candy ahead of time.  Let's hope we have enough to trade out the candy Jacob can't eat. 

Ok, I'm falling asleep again and desperately need some Tylenol before I head to bed.  I'm sure I have a half dozen things I need to be doing tonight, but I need to sleep more than anything.  Pray this gets better...I want to enjoy Halloween!

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