Saturday, May 30, 2015

School Picnic

Last year I remember a paper coming home from school with Jacob announcing the school picnic.  I'll be honest--with Jacob's Celiac disease I usually avoid things like that because it just gets too complicated.  The fun of the event usually ends up being squelched by the annoyance that results from Jacob not being able to eat what everyone else does.  So I tossed the paper out and dealt with Jacob's disappointment later.  This time around when the paperwork came home, I knew that I'd hear it from Jacob if we didn't go, so I checked to make sure he really wanted to go and reluctantly wrote the check for all of us to get meals.  I made a note that Jacob needed his burger without a bun, and made a mental note that he wouldn't really be able to eat any of the sides or dessert either.  Beyond that, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

The picnic arrived on Friday and luckily the weather was pleasant, so off we went.  We decided to get into the food line right away, and immediately I was on edge.  We watched a woman serve up burgers and hot dogs onto buns with gloves.  When we got up to the line, I hesitated handing over our tickets and explained to the woman that Jacob has Celiac disease and we were concerned about cross-contamination.  She grabbed a pair of tongs, which was helpful, but I unsuccessfully tried to explain to her at least twice that her gloved hands reaching into the pans of burgers after touching buns was a concern.  She just could not understand what the issue was an insisted the tongs were enough.  She said that her daughter has Celiac disease so she knows what's okay.  Ummm, clearly, you don't.  Anyway, I eventually gave up arguing and figured it would be minimal exposure, so we just took the burger and went off to eat.  He didn't get sick, but GEEZ.  I hate having to be that parent. 

We finished eating and headed off to check out the activities.  The first stop was the playground.  Jacob found some of his friends and Carter decided he was going to make his way through the big kids and go down the slide...

He had a blast and did it numerous times, each time with us cringing as big kids did crazy things all around him.  He couldn't really understand the concept of waiting until the slide was clear to go down, so some kids standing on the slide or screwing around suddenly had a little kid all up in their space.  Oh, well.  He did flop face-first on the mulch after his first run due to an unsuccessful dismount, but I was proud to see him go right back up for another round as soon as we brushed him off and dried the tears.  His lip was a little bloody and his face had some little dots that I'm guessing were from the impact on the mulch, but he did fine.

We moved to a smaller playset after that, and then moved on to what became the main attraction for the night--the fire truck!  At first he was hesitant to go up in it, but decided it looked pretty cool.  And once we got him up there, he didn't stop smiling...

Later Jacob took a break from running around with his friends and climbed up in it himself...

No matter how many times we tried to do other things, Carter kept wanting to go back.  He became somewhat of a novelty among the firefighters that were there, and they loved his obsession with the truck.

He couldn't get enough of sitting in the driver's seat!

At one point both boys were up in the truck, and this picture pretty accurately represents our life these days...
Carter is talking or yelling, and Jacob is making a face.  Yup, that's us.
 Later on we went back to another playground (one where Jacob's friend broke his arm the other day...yippee), and Jacob was hanging out with some girl friends on the equipment.  Carter tried to climb, but this equipment was pretty big!  At one point I hung on the monkey bars and attempted to do a pull-up (ha!), and after Carter saw me hanging, he decided to give it a try...
 He's pretty strong, though!  He hung in there pretty good!

We did have one other hiccup besides the food.  Jacob couldn't find us for a while and got a little panicky.  He tracked down the school counselor to help him, and she spotted us before she attempted to call Craig's cell.  Happy ending, but it was interesting to see his reaction.  In general we had a very nice time, though!

Today Jacob had a baseball game in the morning and we had a pretty low key rest of the day.  The one highlight is that the boys played in the sprinkler together this afternoon.  The pool is still getting opened (one step at a time) and it was hot, so at first they just played with the hose, and then we got out a fun sprinkler toy that Jacob got a couple years ago and the boys had fun with it!  Of course, I don't have pictures because a) it was very wet; and b) I was wet and in the midst of cleaning up a bunch of weeds and didn't want to use my camera in that state.  The best of it was short-lived, though, so I'm not sure I would have had time anyway.  But it was fun while they were both playing nicely!

A good start to our first "summer" weekend now that Craig is done with his season!  Lots of busy weekends to come!

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