Tuesday, May 5, 2015


It seems we have officially hit the time of the year where outside is the place to be.  We've had a nice string of warm, dry weather, and all of the flowers and trees are busting out.  This is by far my favorite time of year when it comes to the outdoors.  Yes, I love summer, and yes, we will still probably have some crappy, cool days...but I love all of the color and I love when the nice weather still has that novel newness to it.  I love when the humidity is low and there are still opportunities to wear jeans and flip flops and a hoodie.  I always feel like May is the spring version of the Christmas season.  I always feel so much anticipation for the fun of summer that is to come, and there are just so many pretty things to see!

I've been a little lax (again) about pulling pictures off of my camera, so there's one rather old one here before I get to this weekend.  Here's a picture of Carter from a couple weeks ago, chasing bubbles around the yard.  He got one of those giant bubble wands in his Easter basket, and he gets so excited when I start waving it around to create giant bubbles for him to chase.  One day both he and Jacob got into the act, and it was hilarious.  Of course that day I didn't have my camera handy.  I brought it out a few days later, but it was hard to get a good action shot with the bubbles in my hands!
The bushes on the right are now totally green with baby leaves.  It happened so fast!
Saturday we had a double sports day.  Thank goodness the weather was gorgeous.  Jacob's first lacrosse game was at 9am, and his first baseball practice was at 2:30.  Needless to say, it was a busy day.  I spent the time between trying to pack us up for a trip to Buffalo for our nephew's First Communion on Sunday (because I just couldn't bear to drive both ways in one day), and had the added challenges of Craig being on the road, Carter having a short nap, and having a lot of sports equipment to keep track of. 

Jacob's game went pretty well.  He seemed a lot happier than he usually is with practice, and he almost scored a goal.  The ball went in the net, but I think the play had actually been called before he shot due to an injury on the field.  Bummer.  But he looks so cute in his stuff, doesn't he?
My little #8...still one of the smaller kids, but he did really well keeping his stick up and paying attention.
Baseball practice went pretty well.  Carter got a little antsy by then, after sitting rather nicely during the lacrosse game, so we did have to do some walking around, but we had a nice time seeing some of his old teammates again, and he did well in practice.  I'm actually really looking forward to those games despite the crazy schedule.

We headed out to Buffalo right after practice and got to my parents' in time for dinner.  Afterward Carter hopped in the wagon and we took advantage of the nice day and late sunset by going to the playground around the corner.  Carter decided he didn't want to swing or go on the equipment (no idea why) so we spent most of the time watching Jacob play basketball.
Playing with Grandpa (who now says he's too old for that stuff!)

Taking advantage of the lovely sunset lighting to capture my sweet baby boy's silly expression!

I love that smile so much...and he loved his wagon ride!

He really puts his whole body into it, huh?

Playing with Grandma now!
After a good night's sleep, after church and lunch and an early nap for Carter, we headed out to the party.  We had a very nice time, and Craig met us there on his way back from the Toronto airport a couple hours late.  Despite his hesitance among the playground equipment the previous night, he was all over the little slide connected to an old playhouse in the backyard.  He had a blast!

In the meantime, Jacob and his cousins were playing kick ball.  I got this smile from him when I asked, and you can see how much his front teeth have grown in over the past month.  They're halfway in, and a little crooked.  I'm really hoping they straighten out more as his other teeth come in!

And I love this picture because it's just the pure joy on his face during the kick ball game.  I  can't really get a posed smile like that, so I'll take them when I can get them...

It was a pretty late night and we've had a busy start to our week.  I took Jacob to the doctor last night (and had to wrangle both boys!) because his rash hasn't gotten any better.  The doctor isn't sure what's causing it, but the stronger hydrocortisone she prescribed does seem to be helping.  Tonight we all did some running around, separately.  Craig may be going to Knighthawks practice tomorrow, Jacob has practice on Thursday, and Friday is the Knighthawks' first round playoff game.  Work has been busy as well, and I'm finally starting to feel some of the urgency of being more involved at work and trying to contribute to helping with deadlines and things like that.  It's yet another adjustment to get used to that feeling again!  But all is well...just crazy!

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