Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day and Stuff

We had a rather busy Mother's Day weekend.  They always are, I suppose.  As I've mentioned previously, we usually defer to the mothers in our lives, as we know they won't be around forever.  That was especially clear this year since it was the first without Craig's Nana, which made the day hard for his mom.  Since I saw my parents on Friday night (more on that in a bit), we just visited with Craig's family yesterday.  We still managed to have a crazy day and I have been super tired today!  Someday my Mother's Day will be restful, right?

The busy weekend started on Friday.  I left work a little early to go to Carter's Mother's Day Ice Cream Social at daycare.  He was very happy to see me!  One other mom in his class came (they had a very small class that particular day) and he kept pointing to his friend's mom and back to me, saying who we were.  He was so cute and he loved his ice cream!  Craig had picked Jacob up from school early because (against his better judgment) he had promised Jacob that he would try to get him to the arena and on the turf before the Knighthawks' game.  Game days are busy enough without that, but that's just the kind of dad Craig is :)  The plan was that Carter and I were going to drive to the arena, pick up Jacob, then meet my parents and their friends for dinner.  They'd spent the day hiking and geocaching on the other side of town, and we were meeting up to eat and go to the game.  Well, after a few minor detours, I finally rounded the corner to the arena and called Craig to figure out where we were meeting, only to have him tell me that Jacob had been recruited to be a ball boy during practice!  Basically, when the teams are out having their pregame shootaround, his job was to try to stop balls from rolling to the other team's end of the floor.  He was super excited, but of course I was trying to figure out how we were going to manage dinner since he can't really eat anything of substance at the arena.  I handed off a couple snacks and Craig assured me that there was fruit and some other things around, so Carter and I headed out to dinner.

We had a very nice dinner with my parents and their friends (eating delicious gluten-filled food--a tasty sub roll for me and chicken fingers for Carter), and then headed off to the game.  Oh, and it was also a gorgeous day outside.  We hit 90 degrees, so it was HOT, but thankfully the humidity hadn't hit yet so it was very tolerable.  The walk into the game was such a joy compared to the frigid ones we do all winter long!  Once in the arena I went to retrieve Jacob, who ended up being pretty tired out.  He wasn't feeling well after nearly three hours on the turf, so I encouraged him to drink water and got him Cracker Jacks on the way back to our seats.  He perked up after a little while, and we were able to enjoy an exciting game.  And, thankfully, the Knighthawks won!  They beat Buffalo in the first round of the playoffs!

The good news about the win is that they're still in the hunt for their fourth straight title!  The bad news, of course, is that the next round is two games long, which means that Craig has two more busy weekends ahead.  This coming weekend is at home, and the following weekend is in Toronto.  We're hoping to make the Toronto game (since it's been a while since we've been there--at least, without a sick kid cutting the trip short), but I still have to figure out how to take half a day of vacation.  As much as I hate losing Craig during these nice weather weekends, I know that the team won't win forever, so this time of year I'm always on board, cheering for a win.

Saturday was another busy day.  Jacob had an early lacrosse game, and thankfully the weather couldn't have been better.  He was a bit lackluster in the game, probably because he was still tired.  I just didn't see the same pep in his step or the same attention he seemed to have the previous week. Still, the team won by a lot and he seemed to have fun.  For the second game in a row, Carter sat nicely in his big boy chair for most of the game and charmed people around us.

We headed home for a quick lunch so Craig and Jacob could leave for baseball practice and Carter could get down for a nap.  I changed some bedding, tried to dig through a pile of newspapers, and took care of a couple other things (but I won't lie, I am terrible at getting stuff done right now), before the guys got home and Carter woke up.  Our plan for the night was to go to the mall to see Jacob's artwork in the school district's art show, and then to take the long drive down to our favorite gluten-free restaurant. 

Before we left, Jacob gave me his Mother's Day present.  Carter's present--a potted flower in a pot he painted and a card made with his fingerprints--came home last week sometime. 

Jacob had been hiding his in his bag since late in the week.  He did a very nice write-up about the things I do for him, and gave me a necklace (ironically with a Shrinky-Dink pendant, after all of the jewelry I did a couple months back). 
It says, "I feel my mom is the best.  First, my mom takes me to Knighthawks games.  Next, my mom makes me food.  Then, she takes me to my lacrosse games.  Last, my mom dose the landre [does the laundry].  I love my mom."

It was all very sweet.

The art show turned out a little odd because when we got to his school's display and we found his name, he insisted it wasn't his piece.  He did a hanging clay vase, and sure enough, the initials on it weren't his.  After a search around the rest of the display, we found his labeled with someone else's name. 

He did a nice job, though, and it was fun to see his work there (not to mention this year's Kindergartners' projects that were the same as ones that Jacob did last year).  We made a couple other stops at the mall for a few things for Jacob, and then headed out. 

Our dinner was well worth the drive, since Jacob must have said a dozen times how good the pizza is.  It's so nice to go to a restaurant that not only has a full gluten-free menu, but is also trustworthy on the contamination front.  And the food is great.  The pizza crust is so much more "normal" than any other place we've ever gotten gluten-free pizza...thicker, not at all burnt, great texture.  We also got their Buffalo chicken panini sandwich, because it is delicious and it comes with fries.  We ate our dinner and watched a storm roll in, then picked out some cookies (because I can't pass up watching Jacob pick his choice of so many different varieties of cookies, all gluten-free!), and headed home.

We had to get up relatively early on Sunday because Craig thought that we were getting together with his family around 11am.  Well, it turns out that he misinterpreted the message, and we got there in time to see our nephew play baseball instead.  It was nice to see him play, though in general we were a little ill-prepared for a couple hours out in the sun and warm, humid weather.  We managed, but I do have a little sunburn to show for it despite the sunscreen.  We had to run a couple errands after the game to prepare for the family meal later, and got caught in a bit of a crazy downpour! 

We had a very nice time with Craig's family.  There was lots of good food, as usual, and ample amounts of Red Cat (my favorite wine!), so I was a happy camper.  The boys and their cousins ended up digging out the sprinkler and water balloons, so they kept cool and had a blast...even though we didn't really have full changes of clothes for them!  Carter was also the beneficiary of more hand-me-downs from his cousins, from a box of shoes that had been unearthed, to some electronic toys for him to grow into, to both a little bike and a scooter that I know he will love!  He already enjoyed riding around on them yesterday even though he doesn't get the mechanics yet and had to be pushed!

We headed home after a long day and quickly got both kids into bed.  We didn't follow too much farther behind, held up mostly by a load of laundry that needed to get into the dryer first!  Overall it was a good day, though there were moments where Jacob was very argumentative and convinced that I'm the worst mom ever.  Sigh.  Why can't we all just get along?

I was pretty tired most of the day today and had a pretty crappy run at the gym that I can only blame on overindulgence yesterday and a lack of gym-going for the last couple weeks.  I need to improve considerably upon that in the next two weeks for the Corporate Challenge!

I'll end this post with a fun picture I took of a tiny flower in our flower bed.  It's actually more of a hot pink color but for some reason my camera had trouble capturing it so I messed with my camera's settings.  The "vivid" setting did this, and I love how the pollen looks fluorescent blue!  I love spring!

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