Tuesday, April 21, 2015

News & Notes, Slacker Edition

I've had these pictures on my camera/computer for far too long and never got around to posting them.  I guess that's what happens now that I'm back at work and falling asleep in my chair most nights by 9:30.  These were from last week when the weather was better and the boys were eager to get outside!

Carter loves his bikes!  This is the "little" one that he got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa.  He hasn't quite figured out the pedals yet (perhaps it runs in the family?), but he loves motoring around on this one.  He also enjoys Jacob's old one, the "big" one, that makes noises and is a little easier to move around without the pedals since there's more room for his legs!

Here's Jacob mid-shot!  Lacrosse season has begun, so he's eager to get out and practice his trick shots, if nothing else!

Both boys on their bikes.  Jacob is still having a heck of a time learning how to keep his momentum while pedaling.  At this point I wonder how we're ever going to get him on two wheels, but he's made a little progress so I suppose anything is possible.  Try explaining pedaling to someone sometime.  It's harder than you think.

Jacob on his bike with his fancy new helmet.  Just that little slope made pedaling almost impossible for him, though those training wheels can make things tricky if they get hung up on things.  We just have to keep at it.

Cool dude

The chalk came out and Jacob was diligently working on creating the perfect basketball court.  He did quite the lacrosse field later in the week.

Carter got right into using his new chalk.  I love how he'll flop on his belly to play sometimes....although the driveway wouldn't be my first choice!
Last Thursday was Jacob's second lacrosse practice, and since Craig was on the road from Wednesday to Sunday, I was on the hook for it.  I've only had to do a couple practices with Carter in tow, and I won't lie--it's a little daunting.  He's a good kid, but it's a lot of time to keep a two-year-old occupied.  Thursday had been a pleasant day for most of the day, but just as I got out of work the clouds came in and I was cursing the 70 degree forecast that prompted me to pack capris and flip flops for my evening clothes.  It was freezing!  And practice is apparently a half hour longer this year than it was last year.  I'm pretty annoyed by that because 90 minutes twice a week seems a little extreme for a) 6-8 year olds; b) kids who probably have normal bedtimes starting a half hour after practice ends; c) kids who are in school and have homework; and d) the 50 degree weather we're still going to be having for at least another week.  An hour seemed sufficient last year, so I don't know what changed.  And for older kids I can see it, I guess, even though homework is even more of a concern, but if any of these kids have parents who work early, I can easily see them going to bed by 8 to wake up by 6 or 7am.  Leaving only a half hour to drive home, grab some food, and get to bed...that's just not enough.  Jacob's bedtime has always been later--8:30-9ish--but it's still not a lot of time and definitely makes family dinner difficult.  And with his Celiac, snacking and quick meals aren't as easy, either.  Anyway...a couple pictures of Carter that got us through the last half hour...
You can't see it easily here, but he kept putting leaves on his head and thinking it was hilarious!

Then he ran around my chair giggling and talking about the "hot dog go boom", which is a reference to the hot dogs that race on the field at the Knighthawks game.  There are three people in giant costumes that run around and knock each other over.  The boys love it and Carter talks about the hot dogs going boom a lot.  Here he was running around and I just caught what I think is a sweet picture.
In other news...My new job is still going well, but there is so much to learn!  The stuff I'm doing is very technical and can create a bit of a mess if it gets screwed up, so it's been a slow process.  In the long run it will still be fine, but being patient can be challenging!

I guess we've all mostly adjusted to me being back to work, though Carter is a little cranky at drop-off every morning.  It's a phase and it probably would have happened at some point, but I'm bummed he's doing that because avoiding those moments was part of the reason I left him in day care two days a week while I was off!

The boys, for all their differences, finally agree on something!  Their favorite TV show right now is Paw Patrol on Nick Jr.  We started watching it while I was off, and before long Carter was asking for it every day.  Well, when Jacob was home on break and watched it, he decided he really liked it to!  Carter calls it "Puppy Show", and now even Jacob is asking for it when we get home in the evenings.  I'm taping one episode per day and there are others on demand, so we're good for a while, but it cracks me up how much they both love it!

I've been so exhausted at night lately, often falling asleep by 9:30 or earlier.  I don't know if it's still sort of like the first week of school with a kid, when they're coming home beat after a long day, or what.  It makes it hard to stay motivated when I have a handful of house stuff that I used to do during the day, and now not only do I have to do it at night, but I'm tired on top of it.  The dishes and laundry don't let up!  At least Craig is back from his roadtrip and isn't traveling this weekend!

Finally...just a few cute Carter-isms!  He talks a lot these days, still mostly short phrases and an ever-growing single word vocabulary.  Lately he's been cracking me up with "O-tay" (for "okay"), "Help me!" when he needs help, and calling Jacob "Buddy" after I did it.  Whenever I ask him what he did at daycare, he rattles off the names of his friends...though strangely, I'm not even sure some of them are in his current room with him yet!  Sometimes they combine, but it's funny that he's so fixated on his old friends instead of his new ones who should be more interesting since they're older.  Another cute thing he's doing is that when we read his one animal book and I ask him about the animal on the page, he automatically says what the animal says.  For example, "Duck says 'quack quack!'"  They must have that book at daycare and do that, because he's gotten so good at it!  We still have some challenges, like him not wanting to use the potty, or like him having epic meltdowns when he doesn't get his way, but managing those comes so much easier the second time around!

Ok, off to bed.  This working thing is tough!

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