Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Eggs and Sky Zone!

Yesterday we had a busy day.  Not only did our new storm door get installed, but we dyed Easter eggs and Jacob got to go to Sky Zone, the trampoline place!
We dyed eggs during Carter's nap because I didn't quite trust him yet with cups full of food coloring!  Jacob and I had fun experimenting with different colors and techniques, and we ended up with some very fun eggs!  I tried to put rubber bands around one, stickers on another (to leave white space), waxy white crayon on others.  I tried actually creating purple dye instead of double dipping, since dipping in blue and red to get purple never seemed to work.  It was a little better :)  We had fun and hopefully we can think of better things to do with the eggs than just play "Kingers" (smashing the ends of two eggs and seeing which one comes out unscathed)!

All of the eggs!

Close-up of cross artwork using crayon, the blue egg with the stickers removed to leave white shapes, the pink rubber band egg, and the "Knighthawks egg" that's half purple and half teal!
 I caught a cute picture of Carter once he woke up from his nap and had a snack before our trip to Sky Zone...

Jacob has been asking to go to Sky Zone for a while.  He went last summer with daycare, and he's wanted to go back ever since.  He got a gift card for Christmas (though he actually didn't get it until a month or so ago--long story), and even though I knew it would be busy on break week, I told him we'd try to get in this week.  We had one hiccup because I didn't know how their system worked, but we worked it out and we got there!  I didn't feel comfortable letting Carter jump just yet (though there was a kid his age out there!), so we just watched Jacob enjoy his hour of jumping time!
He's in orange, taking off from the side!

Crazy jumping!

He kept trying this move of crossing his legs...I think that was his "fancy" jump!
After a half hour bouncing on the regular trampolines, he moved on to the basketball hoop...

After a bunch of basketball shots, he moved on to the foam pit for his last 15 minutes...and he loved it!

It was interesting watching him.  He tried a few little things but rarely strayed from straight jumping.  He also didn't jump very high compared to a lot of kids.  I don't know if he took to heart my appeal to be careful and not hurt himself prior to Easter, or he's just not naturally coordinated for that sort of thing.  He's a great athlete in a lot of ways, but perhaps this is just another thing--like his difficulty with bike pedals--that doesn't feel natural to him.  He was fine and he had a blast, which is all that matters, but I guess I was caught a little off-guard by his conservative approach.  I'm so happy he got to go, though, and he mentioned multiple times how much he enjoyed it, so it felt good to have made the effort.

The boys went to daycare today and I spent the day getting ready for our trips to Buffalo this weekend.  We have our annual Good Friday festivities with my family, then we'll head back on Saturday for the Knighthawks game that night and church the next morning, before coming back to Buffalo on Sunday for more family time.  It'll be crazy, especially with my starting work Monday, but we wouldn't have it any other way!  Hopefully we'll have some photo-worthy moments to share...stay tuned!

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