Sunday, April 12, 2015

First Week and a Taste of Spring

So, my first week of work is over and I'm not scared yet!  I got to see a little more what I'm going to be doing, and while not all of it is particularly fun, it's right up my alley and I think it will be fine once I get used to some of the terminology and "judgment call" type stuff.  But it's been fine and I feel so lucky to be with such great people and in a job I think I can be passionate about.  It's been fun learning about the school and getting a private college perspective to compare and contrast with my state school experience.  Everything has a name that someone paid for, for example, and the impressive (and wealthy) alumni are pretty outstanding.  College campuses tend to have a unique energy, and even though we're not right in the middle of the campus, I'll still have some direct dealings with students, which will be cool.  In addition, all of the activity surrounding the hospital keeps things interesting.  I won't be dealing directly with the hospital, but people I work closely with will.  I thought it was funny that yesterday I got a piece of mail from another part of my department--my brochure to sign up for the Stroll for Strong that I did last year.  I just like that so much of the school and hospital are connected to the community.  In fact, sometimes it's hard to find a day of news coverage that doesn't have something pertaining to one or the other.  It's a nice sense of connectedness after a job at a company that no one had heard of!
This week, among other tasks, I got my desk set up.  It was nice since my beloved Chihuly calendar and family photos were packed away for so long.  Luckily I really like my cubicle and felt pretty settled right away.  Of course, the flowers from my boss warmed it up from the beginning...

Here's my cube.  My calendar is on the left, and most of the rest of the walls are full of pictures.  I'm still debating bringing in a few more of the random art I had at my old desk, but I don't want it to look too colorful or busy!

Here's a close-up of the photos I put together late last year.  On the top there's a cute pic of Carter, a close-up of a violet, a dramatic pic of Jacob at the Braves stadium in Atlanta, and a close-up of the Chihuly hanging in Union Station in Tacoma.  To the bottom right is a family picture from last Easter, a selfie of Jacob and me from the first day of school, and a picture of Craig and the boys taken in Geneseo last summer.  To the left is a float frame of five fun pictures--three Chihulys, the glass balls from the Corning Museum of Glass Christmas tree, and a shot of Multnomah Falls in Oregon in the middle.

And hung on my other wall is an organizer with Jacob on the field at Frontier Field last year, a rose, a cute picture of Carter from last fall, and another Chihuly from Tacoma.  On the board across the top is Jacob's baby picture, Carter's baby picture, a picture with my whole family, and a picture with Craig's whole family.  Below those is our family picture with the Knighthawks' championship trophy, and Jacob's school picture.  Carter's picture is in a separate frame below on my desk, just because I ran out of frames and nothing else was vertical.

So, those are the pictures I love most out of my thousands of case you were wondering :)

In other news, today was the first truly beautiful day of the year--sunny and warm all day.  It felt amazing out there.  The boys and I did spend some time outside (pics to come), but it took a while to get out there because I have yet another case of pink eye and it's bumming me out.  Jacob was at a camp with Craig all afternoon, and Carter took a good nap that allowed me to go out and clean up some of the yard, but I've been tired all day and it was tough to work up the energy to get the boys out there. 

Fortunately, I've been able to enjoy some spring inside.  I've gotten a ton of flowers as gifts lately, including this hyacinth that is now in full bloom.  So pretty!

On my kitchen counter I have the hyacinth, daisies, and kalanchoe, all from Easter gifts, plus what remains of my flowers from Craig and the flowers from my boss which I brought home for the weekend.  Quite a group...

Just wanted to share a pretty close-up of the kalanchoe from my mother-in-law...

...and a pretty purple carnation from the flowers from my boss...

Anyway, it's nice to have them, and hopefully this decent weather sticks because the boys (and everyone else) have been craving it!  We'll need all the sanity we can get this week because I'll be home alone with the boys almost all week.  Craig has to spend the beginning of the week in Buffalo for his great-aunt's funeral.  I'd be there under normal circumstances, but with my job just starting and a lot of stuff happening this week with another new person starting, I just can't go.  After that he's off on an extended road trip for the Knighthawks.  It's going to be a very long week and weekend, for sure, but we'll get through it one day at a time...even if it means bedtime comes a little earlier than usual!

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