Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Cute, The Bad, and the Ugly

It's been a pretty quiet week around these parts, which I suppose is good.  That's not to say we haven't been dealing with "stuff", but sports are over for now and there isn't a whole lot of extraneous stuff on the schedule this week.  The weekend will be a different story, but this week is definitely quieter than usual at the moment. 

It's still been a bit of a tough week around here.  For every moment that the kids are cute, there are about five moments when we're pulling out our hair.  Here's a sampling of what the kids are up to these days:

  • Civil wars - The boys will not leave each other alone.  It is a constant battle around here.  Carter wants to get into Jacob's toys and into his personal space, and Jacob won't have it.  He is constantly climbing upstairs to get into Jacob's room.  Jacob basically tosses Carter off him or tries to slam the door in his face.  He's annoyed right now because his beloved basketball hoop he got for his birthday won't let his door close fully, so Carter can get in.  If we do shut the door, Carter still goes up there and cries like crazy outside the door.  Our stairs do not work well with gates, so we're just sort of stuck this way.  On the flip side, when we try to distract Carter, Jacob finds a way to ruin it.  He either wants to get in on what we're doing, or he'll steal whatever Carter has...anything to spoil the party.  And inevitably, 10 seconds later Carter gets into Jacob's stuff, and we remind him that if he wouldn't have spoiled Carter's fun, Carter wouldn't have gotten into his stuff.
  • The spitting - Part two of the civil war is the constant spitting battle.  Carter has always liked to blow raspberries.  It was actually one of the "normal" baby skills that Jacob took extra long to do, but Carter has been doing it since the Baby Center emails said he should be.  Well, lately Carter's been doing it a ton, and when he spits on Jacob, it drives Jacob nuts.  Of course, at times Jacob does it back to him, which only encourages him.  Carter is completely unphased by Jacob's displays of anger (not to mention mine), so mostly he just finds the outbursts entertaining.  But it is BRUTAL.
  • Carter has an uncanny ability to get into everything he shouldn't.  His toys are completely uninteresting in comparison to Jacob's stuff, lacrosse sticks, balls, electronics cables, Jacob's drawing utensils, stacks of papers, our potato chip cabinet, and crumbs on the floor.  He just doesn't get the word "no" yet, at least not for more than a second.  It makes it very hard to multitask with him around.
  • Aside from tormenting his brother, Jacob has been pretty much status quo.  Still a lot of potty talk and back talk and smart alecky comments.  Still, he's having some good moments.  He enjoyed his field trip to the trampoline place today (yay, no injuries), he's been loving playing Lego again, and he seems to be taking a bit of a break with sports.  He loves Scooby-Doo, old ones and newer ones.  He's been nice enough to smile for pictures lately, which has been lovely.  But he's also got a fascination with smacking butts--his own (his dance move) or other people's (including mine). 
  • Carter is still a fantastic sleeper, and it's gone to a new level lately because he truly loves bedtime.  He says "night-night" constantly, and loves snuggling up with blankets.  It's so cute.  He's also always saying "bye-bye", everywhere we go.  I almost got him saying "hi" the other night, but he hasn't done it again.  He says his own version of "thank you", which is so sweet, and he's taken to saying a very matter-of-fact "no" when he's asked questions--usually about food.  I know I will be hating that word soon enough, but for the moment he's so sweet and decisive when he uses it that it's really cute.  Not to mention that I'm relieved to know what he wants!  He has started saying "More" and signing please, which is not only helpful but polite, and once in a while he signs "All Done".  The other night I asked him if he was all done with dinner and his arms shot up in the air immediately.  Seriously cute.  Still not a lot of other words coming out yet, but it's nice to have a little more progress. 
  • Carter's walking is getting pretty good, though he's still a little unstable at times.  He's trying hard to run, though, and he wants to go down stairs in the worst way.  He's making progress, but I think he's been luckier than skilled!  These days it's rare to catch him crawling at all, and he looks like such an independent little boy when he walks around.  He's also getting considerably more hair, so he's looking older these days.  He keeps ending up with a bit of a mullet, but it's starting to even out.   He seems to be teething again, this time for the canines, but other than having to chew on everything, he seems happy enough.  Oh, and how he carries his bedtime books back to his bookshelf for me is the absolute sweetest thing ever.
  • We're trying to figure out a fall sport for Jacob.  We want to do basketball but so far haven't found a non-winter league that doesn't conflict with lacrosse.  We might have to do a six-week clinic-type thing like we did with soccer before Carter was born, but we'll see.  The break is nice for now, but I think he'll want that outlet again sooner or later.
  • Work is driving both Craig and me a little crazy, but our vacation week is in sight...even if we don't know exactly what we're doing with it yet.  We have it bookended by a couple weddings, I have a long list of to dos, and we're hoping to visit Toronto for a couple days, but aside from that, we don't have any set plans.  I need to get on that.
So, I guess that's our current state of affairs.  Hopefully some fun activities coming up this weekend.  God knows we need to get out of the house a bit so Carter and Jacob don't drive each other crazy!  And I thought we'd avoid this a bit with two kids so far apart.  Ha!

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