Tuesday, July 8, 2014

News & Notes, Holiday Hangover Edition

We're officially back to the grind after the long weekend.  Yesterday was a mental challenge for me because Craig was off.  He was up and at 'em early and as such, ended up getting a few things done in the morning (whereas I would have been back in bed the second the door shut, so good for him).  But he called me around lunchtime practically fishing for something to do.  It was wet outside so yardwork and the pool were out of the mix.  He'd taken back bottles to the store and done a couple other things, but he was pretty much out of ideas so I told him just to enjoy it.  Of course, if I were off I have an eternally long list of things (literally, it's on my iPod Touch) that would keep me busy for days.  There really wasn't anything I could pass off, so I guess good for him?  I remember being bored in the summer when I was a kid and watching boring, terrible TV as an adult, but I don't think I've used the word "bored" since I've had kids.  Oh, to even have the chance to be bored!  Not gonna lie, I was a little jealous.

We're down to Jacob's last four baseball games of the summer.  On one hand it's a bummer because we like his team for the most part and it's great to see him do so well.  We like his coach and I enjoy chatting with the coach's wife.  What I don't like is keeping Carter entertained twice a week for an hour and a half, and how his sports schedule has interrupted my workout schedule, which has led to the development of a pouchy belly and annoying love handles.  I need to get rid of those ASAP because my clothes fit funny.  I care a lot less about being chubby these days except when it comes to how my clothes fit.  I do not have the time or money to replace my wardrobe, so for practical purposes I need my body to stay at a certain point so everything still fits right.  Aside from that my body does not bother me.  I guess that's what having two kids will do--mad respect for what it can do and simple acceptance that childbirth changes things.  But when I know that it's my eating and lack of exercise, I need to rectify that.  Now.  I took my old class last week for the first time in ages and I was SO SORE.  Two days of so sore that I could barely get out of a chair.  I need it, though.  Tonight's game got canceled due to an ill-(well-?) timed monsoon. 

I'm preparing this week for my first public speaking experience in quite a few years.  Back when I worked in sports I did a couple gigs at high schools talking to kids who had an interest in working in sports.  It was mostly a cautionary tale that it's bad hours, crappy money, and not as much player interaction as they'd hope.  But I shared the good and the bad, and since it was basically just talking about my life (as work was my life), it was pretty easy.  Easier than public speaking in college, where every "ummm" or "like" would get you points off.  This is similar in that it's a topic that I'm very familiar with, but it's a webinar that's open to the whole company and there's a couple technology things that have me a little unnerved.  But I think the presentation turned out OK and I just need to get in a little more practice so I'm more comfortable with transitions and the like.  But still, it's weird.

Jacob is pretty much the same these days.  Better at times, but challenging at others.  I think he's a little more relaxed without school, and he's loving daycare.  We're trying to encourage him to read more this summer, but it's definitely a slow go.  He's doing really well, but he gets frustrated easily and tends to pick longer books than he should.  I want him to keep practicing, though.  He's loving sports as always, though I don't know if he has a real favorite right now.  Maybe basketball because of the new hoop he got for his birthday, but he's more equal opportunity than usual, I think.  He still dislikes his brother, though once in a while he seems to appreciate when Carter laughs at him.

Carter is a handful.  He's walking all over the place, leaving messes in his wake.  He likes Jacob's toys more than his most of the time, and always heads for Jacob's room first.  He's not really using any new words, but he seems like he's starting to get the idea of "all done" at mealtime.  He can be very chatty and very expressive.  He's taken up dancing whenever he hears music, which is basically just bouncing a little and sticking his butt out a bit.  He's such a cutie and he keeps us on our toes.  His favorite person at daycare just had her first baby...so if Carter someday marries a girl named Teagan, you can know it started now :) 

Over the last couple weeks, Teagan's mom sent me a few cute pictures of the kids.  These two of Carter cracked me up...

The other day I took the following picture of Carter when he went down for a nap.  Pretty similar, huh?  But soooo cute.

These next pictures got lost in the shuffle of Jacob's birthday.  I took them at Jacob's baseball game a couple weeks ago.  It was HOT.  But how adorable are these?

Jacob's teammates' sisters were flipping his shade up and down and he was loving it!
 And here's Jacob in his catcher's gear.  He loves playing catcher!

 I probably had more to say, but I think this is enough for now! 

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