Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bye-Bye, Baseball...for now

It's hard to believe, but Jacob's baseball season is over.  What started in late April/early May has now finished.  It's a little weird to think we're done for the season already, because last year's season ran from late June to late August, so to be done with sports for the summer is pretty crazy.  While it will be nice to relax again on Saturday mornings and be able to spend entire weekends out of town, I will miss it.  It was usually a good excuse to sit out in pleasant weather, and over the course of the season, watching the kids was a blast.  Carter wasn't always the most patient, which was a challenge at times, but when I could watch the games, it was fun.

Early on it was tough to see if the kids would gel into a team, because there were a few older kids and a few younger ones, but as the season went on, everyone got into a pretty good groove at the plate.  It was so fun to watch some legit great hits--doubles where most hits are automatically singles--and a handful of nice plays in the field.  Most involved the most experienced kid on the team, who could actually catch and throw on target most of the time, but slowly but surely the kids are getting it.  A couple of them will move up next year, and some may not be back or be on the same team, but there were a couple kids from last year's team and a couple more from this year that I would love to be with again next year.  We love our coach (and he loves us because he's a huge Knighthawks fan!), and hopefully next year will be another good crew.  I will miss watching the little victories every week. 

Yesterday was the last game of the season, as well as our end-of-season picnic.  Here are a few highlights...

Ahhh, Jacob and his endless obsession with cleaning off home plate...

Our little pro

Just hanging out in between innings

End of the season team picture...Jacob is the third from the right in the bottom row, and Craig is in the red shirt in the top row.

This is how Carter *wanted* to spend the whole season...digging in the dirt and throwing the rocks.
Carter fell asleep on the way home from the game, and once I dropped him off in his crib, I ran off to Lowe's to pick up some mulch at Lowe's for this small patch of flower bed next to our garage.  It used to have a hydrangea, but it died, and ever since it's become overwhelmed with weeds.  I killed all of them a week or two ago, but I hadn't had a chance to get the mulch to cover it all.  I also bought a tiny azalea bush to plant.  I came home fed the awake members of the family some lunch, and went out to plant the azalea and dump out the mulch.  I also attempted to transplant another plant in the backyard from a bad spot to a better one, so we'll see if that takes.  Carter woke up around 2pm, and I spent the next hour preparing to go to the picnic (heating up a frozen gluten-free pizza and thawing an emergency cupcake) and feeding Carter a late lunch.  Off to the picnic we the rain.

It was nice to finally catch up with other parents when I wasn't already doing double duty of taking care of Carter and trying to watch Jacob's game.  Mingling during games is hard!  And now that I got to chat with everyone at the picnic, I wish we had a couple more games left!  
Jacob spent pretty much the whole picnic here, despite the rain.  He was loving the basketball court with its adjustable hoop.  While most of his teammates played in the pool, or at least took shifts, he was all basketball, all the time.  He's in the black clothes on the left.

The cakes with all the kids and their cool!  And so tasty!

Quick snap of Carter and Daddy on the basketball court.  Daddy helped Carter dunk once and it was so cute!

 And how waterlogged was Jacob after playing in the rain for a few hours?
Here he is with his trophy!  And very wet hair.
Despite the rain we had a great time.  We headed home and Carter and I packed up and headed to Buffalo for an overnight with my parents.  The goal was to go to the Canal Fest craft show, which is a long-time tradition.  My mom and I used to go with my grandma first thing in the morning on Saturday.  We don't buy much, but it's always fun to look!  Carter was an angel as we walked through the craft show, but a handful the rest of the weekend.  He's definitely inching toward the terrible twos already--testing boundaries, throwing tantrums, and just generally getting into trouble.  What a handful!

Still, it was a pretty good weekend.  I'm not sure what's next up in sports for Jacob.  Lacrosse doesn't start until November, and originally we were talking about soccer for the fall, but now we're leaning toward basketball.  I tried a bit tonight to find him a local league like Upwards or CYO, but it doesn't appear any of the ones I found were a good fit.  We'll keep looking, and if nothing else we'll do a little six-week clinic like we did for soccer right before Carter was born.  Just something to give him that outlet and keep him learning.  But for now we have plenty to keep us occupied for the rest of the summer!  But it won't be the same without baseball!

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