Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Happy Story

After my last heavy post, here's a happy story.  The other day the boys and I stopped at Target on our way home to pick up a few things.  On our way in, we browsed the random section in the front of the store where everything is $1 or $3, and Jacob found a mustache keychain for $3.  He immediately said he wanted to get it for his teacher at daycare, Miss Toni.  He had mentioned the other day that she'd gotten a mustache tattoo on her finger (?), so I assumed she must have a thing for them.

I've mentioned here before that part of the reason we consented to having Jacob at daycare this summer despite the fact it's not cheap is because we knew it was the lowest stress option for everyone.  He loves Miss Toni and everyone there knows how to manage him.  His stress level would be low, and so would ours because we wouldn't have to worry about him misbehaving all the time (or them complaining about it, quite frankly...they just deal and move on).  He is happy to be with her and it's really nice to have him enjoy his days there so much more than he does at school. 

Initially I wasn't convinced that we should buy the keychain, but we spent a couple minutes playing with the other keychains in the bin, and during that time I realized that it was a sweet gesture.  For $3, it was a small price to pay for giving Jacob the chance to make someone else happy.  Oh, and did I mention that it talked?  Apparently it's a creeper's mustache, because it said in a slick guy voice, "Well, hello there!"  Heehee.

The next morning Jacob was excited to give it to her.  He walked into the classroom and said, "Miss Toni, I have a present for you..." and he pulled it out of his bag.  She was so excited!  She laughed and hugged Jacob.  She showed me her tattoo, a thin line in the shape of a mustache on the side of her pointer finger, so if she puts the finger under her nose (like a mustache) she actually has one there.  Strange, yes, but cute in its own way...and unassuming enough, I suppose.  She explained that she's totally into them--she has some stuck on her dash of her car, has a collection of Slurpee mustache straws, and so on.  Her dad has had one forever, and she swears that's where it started.

She hugged Jacob at least twice and I swear she was nearly in tears, though it may have been because she was laughing so hard.  But she definitely loved it!  Jacob was equally giddy, and he said to me when I came back into the room to say goodbye after dropping Carter off in his room, "I want to buy her another gift!"  So, I'll take that to mean that he loved making her happy.  It was such a nice side of him to see, since he's normally a bit on the selfish side in general.  I'm hoping that he learned the joy of making other people happy and that it will stick with him...all for the bargain price of $3.  It remains to be seen how well he learned that lesson, but I will give him credit--this weekend we got a cookie (more on that story soon) and I told him I wanted a bite.  He ate a bunch of the cookie last night, but today he said to me, "Mommy, you can have the rest of the cookie.  I had half and you can have half!"  Well, he ate more than half, but I really appreciated his offer.  I double checked with him before I ate my portion, and he was still happy to pass it along.  It was sweet.  So maybe he did learn something!

We had a pleasant enough weekend, and I will hopefully write that up soon!

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